For Instructors

Community Service-Learning (CSL) encourages students to step outside of the traditional university classroom in order to make connections between theory and practice. At Augustana, students who are enrolled in a course with a CSL component complete approximately 20 hours of service that benefits the community - most often with a non-profit organization. Students' reflections on their community service becomes one of the "text books" of their course. CSL is offered in a variety of disciplines and courses ranging from Environmental Science to Management to Psychology.



Roles and responsibilities for an Instructor teaching a course with a CSL component:

  • To let the Student Academic Services staff know by or before the deadline if you would like to use CSL as a learning tool in one of your courses. *suggested deadlines: the first Friday in May for Fall term and the first Friday in November for Winter term.
  • To meet with a CSL Coordinator to discuss course objectives and placement suggestions prior to the start of term.
  • To approve all placement offerings for your course based on placement descriptions developed by the CSL Coordinator.
  • To determine a method for assigning CSL placements.
  • To outline expectations and assignments for students completing CSL placements in your course (eg. reflection, deliverables, written reports, etc.).
  • To assist in preparing students for work in the community (punctuality, professionalism, etc.).
  • To allocate class time for CSL Coordinator to conduct the first class visit and mid-term check-in.
  • To communicate with the CSL Coordinator if you have concerns about a placement or student project.
  • To support student learning through the integration of CSL into the classroom environment.
  • Discuss the student expectations document with students. Note, this document could be utilized or integrated through small group discussions, short reflective questions, a quiz or other interactive activities.