Experiential Learning Opportunities

Students and Dr. Varghese Manaloor posing in front of an elephant


One in three Augustana graduates gets to travel (for credit!) during their degree!

We offer everything from exchange programs at partner institutions in Norway and China to tours and courses in Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Greece and Sicily, Germany, India, Vienna and New York.

If you don’t feel like venturing too far abroad, why not check out the amazing provincial park just half an hour from campus in our environmental field studies course, or study dendrochronology in the neighbourhoods and parks surrounding the city?

2 students canoeing in the Arctic

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education isn’t just about camping or canoeing – although both are course options offered at Augustana. Instead, Outdoor Ed. courses use the outdoors to teach our students about leadership, the environment, working successfully in groups and self-awareness, along with the technical skills it takes to go camping or canoeing…or dog sledding in the beautiful Alberta North, or hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

A CSL student leading an activity in an elementary classroom.

Community Service Learning (CSL)

CSL takes what you’re discovering in the classroom and puts it into practice. Students who take CSL also gain meaningful experience while engaging with local businesses and organizations.

2/3 Augustana graduates complete a CSL placement in one of their courses in places like the Camrose public library, volunteering at the local women’s shelter, working with students in surrounding elementary and junior high school classrooms, environmental fieldwork, and much more.