Experiential Learning Opportunities


To date, Augustana's experiential learning includes significant international experiences with one in three graduates participating. Augustana's focus has been on faculty-led study abroad though there has been an increase in the number of exchange agreements signed by the Faculty which facilitate individual students studying at a partnering university for a semester or year. Augustana students also avail themselves of the exchanges managed by University of Alberta International and are supported by LAB in Camrose to participate in those opportunities.

Outdoor Education

There is a long history of outdoor education at Augustana that uses the outdoors to teach about leadership, the environment and self-awareness as students gain the technical skills required by their context (canoeing, hiking, camping, dog sledding, etc).

Community Service-Learning

The largest experiential learning activity supported by LAB is Community Service-Learning (CSL) with two in three Augustana graduates completing a CSL project in one of their courses. On average, there are 400-500 CSL projects that take place every academic year that see students engaging in an approximately 20 hour community-based project as part of their course requirements. All of this experiential learning is part of Augustana's commitment to fostering meaningful engagements with place.