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Driver Authorization Procedure This procedure details the steps needed to authorize an individual to operate university vehicles while conducting university affairs.

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Note:"Roombooker" is not supported at Augustana yet. Please use Rom.

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Vanity URL Please submit a Marketing & Digital Support Request to request a vanity URL. On the second page, select "Digital Request — I would like to get a short link for printed material or other offline marketing" to route your ticket.

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Communauto CarShare

Using Communauto


When booking a vehicle for travel on university business, Augustana prefers that university employees use Communauto vehicles or university fleet vehicles if they are available.

University employees may use a personal vehicle according to the Travel Processes & Expense Procedure.


Communauto Sign-up

You can sign up with Communauto on their website, or with their mobile app.

Use the promo code "augustana" to avoid paying the sign-up fee.
  • A valid driver's license will be required. If your license is from a jurisdiction other than Alberta further verification may be required by Communauto. They will let you know what is needed (eg: drivers abstract)
  • A credit card will be required to sign up. Staff who will be using these vehicles for business purposes will sign up with the Purchase Card, and charges will be charged to the department at the time of Purchase Card Reconciliation.
  • If a personal card is used, business use charges can be claimed through the travel expense process

Make a booking


Communauto Contact Information

For general inquiries, reporting damage or questions about your invoice
Please call:
1-866-475-6201 or

Augustana Specific Technical Support

Remote Support

The U of A remote support portal can be accessed here. A session key will be provided as part of the service call. 

Software Tutorials: Statistical and Other Programs

Tutorials on how to work with files on your computer, use Excel spreadsheets, use JASP for statistical analysis and work with Word and Google Docs.

Access Software Tutorials

Ceremonial (Smudging) Guidelines

Smudging Policy

Students wanting to smudge on campus are able to do so in multiple spaces:

  • Classroom Building: C014, C101, C103
  • wahkohtowin classroom and community space
  • Multi-Faith Prayer Room (1-350B)
  • Residence

Access Augustana's Multi-Faith Prayer Room for daily use. This safe, quiet, and sacred space is available throughout the year for smudge, prayer, meditation, and contemplation, or as a space to "just be." Traditional medicines, sage and sweetgrass, are on-hand for students to use, and a fan has been installed in the space for use during smudging.

For smudging in residence, any student who wishes to pray/smudge in their room may do so and should simply let their roommate(s) know, if applicable. Students are also encouraged to connect with their residence coordinator for signage to let neighbours know that there is a ceremony (prayer/smudge) in that particular space.

Augustana Campus follows the University of Alberta's ceremonial guidelines for smudging.

Augustana Governance

Governance Documents

Augustana Teaching Commons

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