2021-22 Course Registration Information

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Read the FAQs and Program Specific Updates below to see if they apply to you.

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The walkthrough covers:

  • Understanding your degree
  • Your Academic Requirement Report (ARR)
  • Building your schedule
  • Enrolling in classes
  • Post-registration information, such as enrollment verification


Fall 2021 Online courses

Information and course list

Note: Augustana's online courses are closed to web registration.  If you want to enrol in an online course at Augustana, connect with an Advisor.

How do I add/drop a course

Before the add/drop deadline for that term: You can add, drop, or swap courses on your own in your Bear Tracks account, in “Manage Classes”. More information can be found in the Course Registration Walkthrough.

How do I withdraw from a course?

Any students registered in an Augustana Faculty program who wants to withdraw from one or more courses, regardless of reason (illness, other obligations and so on), may do so through their Bear Tracks account. Find more information on the Registrar's website. It is a student's responsibility to be aware of all important dates and deadlines. Final withdrawal deadlines can be found on the Important Dates page.


More information and step-by-step guide
Important Dates

I’m trying to enrol and keep getting error messages, why?

When searching for classes be sure to take note of the course status on the left hand side. The class will show as Open, Full, or Closed (Contact Department)

If you have having trouble enrolling in a class the issue could be one of the following:

Closed Class: A class may be closed to web registration due to department restrictions. Study-abroad, field studies, and practicum courses require students to complete a separate application prior to being enrolled. Please speak to a Student Advisor about the process for getting enrolled.

Financial Hold: You will be unable to add any classes to your schedule if you have any outstanding fees. In Bear Tracks, click on the “Financial Account”" tile to see if you have a hold on your record, the amount owing, and which department you need to contact to clear the hold. Once your fees have been paid the financial hold will be lifted and you will be able to enrol in classes.

Full Class: If a class is full you will be unable to enroll. You can add the class to your Watch List. An email notification will be sent to your UAlberta email account if and when a spot becomes available, at which time you can log in to Bear Tracks to attempt to register in that class again. (Watch List registration is first-come, first-served.)

Pre/Co-Requisites: If you are missing the listed pre and/or corequisite, Bear Tracks will not let you enroll. If you are missing the corequisite, enroll in the specified corequisite then try enrolling again. If you have taken a prerequisite from another faculty or institution Bear Tracks may not recognize it, please contact the Student Advisors for assistance.

Restrictions: Certain classes will have specific restrictions associated with them, for example: reserved seats for specific year standing or majors.

Time Conflicts: Check your draft schedule in your "Shopping Cart" to confirm which classes are in conflict. If a class has multiple sections, switch to a different section.

Unit Load: Students are permitted to take a maximum of 3 credits in the 3-week block and 14 credits in the 11-week session. You will receive an error message if you are attempting to enroll above the maximum allowed unitload.



What is the Academic Residency Requirement?

The Academic Residency Requirement requires that Students registered in an Augustana program must complete at least 60 credits offered by the Augustana Faculty, at least 54 of which must be at the senior (200+) level. This is different from Augustana’s requirement that First Year students live in residence.

Transfer students will need to keep a close eye on this requirement.

I’ve been accepted to a new program. How do I change my program in Bear Tracks?

Be sure you are enrolled in the right program before you begin registering in courses!

Incoming students with concerns about their program and/or major should email augustana@ualberta.ca

If you are a continuing student, and you are changing to a new program, You will have to change your program in Bear Tracks - even if you have accepted your new offer - before you begin registering in courses.

To change your program, go to "Manage Classes" > "Change Program"

Note that you won't be able to change programs until on or after your Enrolment Date.

For more information see Program Changes .

What do I do if I find a mistake on my ARR?

If you notice any issues, such as incorrect credit counts, or a course not showing up where you think they should please contact the Student Advisors at augsas@ualberta.ca for assistance.

How do I request a Visiting Student Letter (VSL)?

Students taking classes through a different faculty or institution should request a Visiting Student Letter from a Student Advisor.

Prior to contacting a Student Advisor, students should have a clear idea of which class(es) they are interested in enroling in.

Students intending to attend an external institution can reference the Alberta Council on Admission and Transfer Guide to check if there are any preexisting transfer agreements for the course(s) they would like to take. The absence of a formal agreement does not necessarily indicate that a course will not transfer.

Submit your course(s) to the Academic Advisors for review. If suitable a VSL will be issued.
Note: students must be in good academic standing and have completed a minimum of 24 credits to be granted a VSL.

How do I calculate my GPA?

You can use our popular GPA calculator to calculate your GPA.

Academic standing is assessed based on a student's Grade Point Average (GPA). Students are expected to maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA. Students who do not maintain this level of academic performance may be permitted to continue under academic warning or may be required to withdraw.

For more information see the Academic Calendar .

What are option/elective courses?

Most students will take a certain number of "option", or "elective" courses that do not fill a specific major, minor, or core requirement. Students can use these option credits to take course(s) that will fill prerequisites for admission to another program, requirements for professional designations, etc.

How do I know my year-standing?

Your year standing stated at the top of your Academic Requirement Report (ARR).

Year 1 (Y1): 0-23 credits
Year 2 (Y2): 24-53 credits
Year 3 (Y3): 54-83 credits
Year 4 (Y4): 84+ credits

Where do I find information on new programs?

Program information can be found on the Augustana Degree Programs page, or in the Academic Calendar.  Specific questions can be directed to augsas@ualberta.ca.

How do I Apply for Graduation?
  1. Select the “Academic Records” tile from the Bear Tracks Home page
  2. Select “Graduation”
  3. Select “Apply for Graduation”
  4. Select the program for which you would like to Apply for Graduation
  5. Select your Completion Term (the term in which you will complete your requirements) then select “Continue”
  6. Review your graduation information.  If it's all correct, click “Submit Application”
How do I update my Bear Tracks Notifications Preferences?

By default, your notifications will be sent to your University of Alberta email. In addition, you can set up your preferences to also send the notifications:

  • To an additional email address
  • To your mobile device via text messages

To view your Notification Preferences, click on the "Notification Preferences" tile from your Bear Tracks home page. Your current preferences will be shown on screen

Review your SMS Preferences and make adjustments as necessary:

  • Selecting "Yes" for "Enable SMS Notification", will ensure you receive grade and watch list notifications via text through the specified phone number.
    • Select the appropriate "Phone Type" from the drop down list (e.g. Mobile)
    • Review the number that is defaulted on screen when you select "Phone type" to ensure it is correct.
      • Select your service provider under ‘Phone Carrier Code’
    • Selecting ‘No’ will ensure you receive no SMS/text notifications.

Program Specific Updates

Last updated: June 3, 2021


AUART270: Special Topics in Painting can replace AUART 271 or 272 in the Creativity and Culture, and Visual Art majors.


Students who have taken AUCHE 112 can have an advisor enroll them in AUCHE 251.  Students who have taken AUCHE 220 or 222 can have an advisor enroll them in AUCHE 324 and 325.


AUPSY 213 no longer being offered. AUSTA 153 has been approved to fulfill the AUPSY 213 requirement in the Psychology major.


Students enrolled in AUMGT310 in the Fall 2021 may enroll in AUMGT 490 without a prerequisite waiver.  Contact augsas@ualberta.ca for assistance.


All students enrolled in BSc/BEd should book a one-on-one appointment with a Student Advisor.