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These course registration pages will help students understand their degree requirements, provide program specific recommendations and provide a step by step guide to adding classes to their schedule.

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You have successfully booked an appointment with an Advisor, now what? In preparation for optimizing your scheduled appointment, please review the following recommendations:
  • Using your Bear Tracks account, review your Academic Requirement Report (ARR),
  • Add courses to My Schedule Builder in Bear Tracks,
  • Prepare specific questions about your degree requirements in advance.

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Understanding your Degree

An introduction to the unique & key components of learning at Augustana.

  • The 3/11 Calendar
  • Degree Components
  • The Augustana Core

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If you prefer to receive your course registration information in a more interactive format, we have created course registration learning modules for you as an additional option! Click on the appropriate link below:

New (Incoming) Student Course Registration Guide 

Returning Student Course Registration Guide

Key links and resources

A toolkit to help you with all aspects of course registration.

  • Academic Requirements Report (ARR)
  • Course List Tool
  • Important Dates
  • What If Report
  • Glossary of Terms

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Choose your Courses

Figure out what courses you should be taking and why.

Incoming students

  • Enrolling in AUIDS 101
  • Recommended First Courses

Returning students

  • Understanding your ARR
  • Visiting Student Letter (VSL)
  • Graduation
  • Program specific information

Enrolment walkthrough

A step-by-step guide to building and changing your schedule.

  • Search for Classes
  • Shopping cart
  • Enrolment and verification
  • Error messages

This section should be reviewed after you have read the understanding your degree, key links and resources, and choose your courses sections. 

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