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A University of Alberta Degree

Graduating from Augustana will give graduates a robust degree from one of the top five universities in Canada. The UofA is:

  • the #4 research-based university in Canada.
  • the #2 in graduate employment in Canada.
  • in the top 150 universities in the world.

Top reasons to study at Augustana Campus


As part of a small campus that values close mentorship between faculty and students, we foster an academic environment that allows students to connect with their instructors both in and outside of the classroom.

Our classes also offer opportunities for Community Service Learning and fieldwork, and prioritize critical thinking, research, and communication in order to develop employable, lifelong skills.

What's the Augustana Advantage?



If you are interested in how people interact with each other and with the environments they live in, then the Social Sciences are for you!

In the social sciences, we study the interactions of individuals and groups with their social, cultural, economic, and political surroundings. We ask questions such as: Why do people act the way they do? What are the forces that shape individual choices? How can we create a more sustainable and just world? How can we help humans to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives?

Your instructors are engaged in research that is changing the way we understand the world. They are creative and committed teachers who want to ensure that you learn the skills you need to succeed and university and in your careers. We hone your communication and critical analysis skills and teach you how to do research to solve the problems you are interested in, both within and beyond the traditional classroom.

Dr. Shauna Wilton
Chair - Department of Social Sciences
Phone: +1 (780) 679-1154

PROGRAMS in bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The Social Sciences department offers undergraduate programs that engage the problems and questions we are all facing today from a variety of perspectives. Study the changes in our society and learn important ways to think about what our future may be.

Our professors are actively engaged in research and working with their students to study all kinds of topics from drug policy to hockey violence, to motherhood and gender roles, to happiness and even exercise. Chances are if you’ve thought about it, we study it!

We offer four-year undergraduate degrees in these innovative majors:

PROGRAMS Bachelor of Management (B.Mgt.)

Thee Bachelor of Management degree program offers many unique and engaging elements designed to prepare you for future careers.

The streams within this program, Business Economics and General Management, provide two distinct approaches to the study of management.

  • Studying Business Economics, students examine strategic planning, micro- and macro-economics, business management, finance, and marketing.
  • General management looks closer a leadership, group dynamics, complex organizations in contemporary society, and how to mobilize humans and other resources.

Gain valuable experience by connecting theory and practice through Community Service Learning (CSL) placements. In the process, you will also get the chance to build significant connections with potential employers.

Program Info


Research is an important aspect of undergraduate education at Augustana. In addition to their own extensive research, many faculty members in the Department of Social Sciences provide opportunities for undergraduate research, and these collaborations with students are often an integral part of their own research activities.

Research experiences, where students work closely with faculty supervisors, are available to students throughout the academic year and during the spring and summer.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities