Campus Priorities

As we build opportunities for our students and campus, we ask you to consider a gift in support of one of these important initiatives and priority projects.

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Indigenous Student Program Support

The Wahkohtowin Lodge on-campus supports our growing Indigenous student population and provides a space for programming to advance the Calls to Action by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We are seeking partners to support our vision to create formal and informal opportunities to inform and engage our various communities in a spirit of kinship and shared responsibility and to prepare our students to become effective leaders in a diverse society.

Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ACSRC)

The ACSRC is a joint initiative of Augustana Faculty and the Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences (ALES). The ACSRC strives to fill the gap between research and policy in rural areas by fostering constructive dialogue, promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research, and developing partnerships between the University of Alberta and rural communities in Alberta and beyond.

Augustana Chaplaincy Annual and Endowment Funds

Augustana Chaplaincy is renewed, reinvigorated, and vital to the quality of the Augustana experience we all treasure. The Chaplaincy program serves the spiritual needs of Augustana students and hosts various community-building activities.

Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services supports a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities, including faculty-led international travel courses and Community Service-Learning (CSL) research and internship placements. More than 40% of our students participate in CSL placements each year and one in three Augustana graduates has studied internationally!

Augustana Innovation Fund

The Institutional Strategic Plan of the University of Alberta recognizes Augustana Campus as "a leading liberal arts college, and as a living laboratory for teaching and learning innovation, to the benefit of the entire university". Gifts to the Innovation Fund will support creative teaching and learning ideas to advance this exciting vision.

Awards and Financial Aid

As education costs rise, competitive award and bursary backing is crucial to support student success and to make it possible for Augustana to attract and retain students to our programs. Gifts that provide annual support, establish new endowments, or grow established endowments to increase existing opportunities will nurture student success.

Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life

The Ronning Centre focuses its work on a set of issues and themes that demand our attention whether or not we are religious. Gifts support the ongoing work of the Centre, making it possible for many to learn and contribute to the understanding of religious perspectives on public life and public understanding of religious perspectives.

Miquelon Lake Environmental Research Station

Augustana, in partnership with Alberta Parks and Camrose County, has built a research station at nearby Miquelon Lake Provincial Park. This mobile facility provides wet and dry labs, computing, data collection, and overnight accommodation resources to students, faculty, researchers, and community members.

Science Equipment

Augustana has invested in the renovations of three science labs, with more lab renovations planned. Meanwhile, our student cohort in the sciences continues to grow. Donor support will help us renew and advance equipment in these labs and is an important investment in student success.

Sustainability/Environmental Initiatives

Augustana has taken bold steps in building and supporting sustainability initiatives and opportunities for our campus. The Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, Miquelon Lake Environmental Research Station, Green Campus Committee, recycling and composting, sourcing of local foods wherever possible, and our use of hybrid vehicles, solar panels, and LED lights are all examples of visible links between our curriculum and campus operations. Gifts are needed to support programming, outreach, and next steps in advancing a sustainable campus vision.

Undergraduate Research

Gifts to undergraduate research support the experiential side of student opportunity. Research opportunities during the academic year and summer fieldwork and internships activate the academic experience, deepen and direct the understanding of classroom learning, and launch educational partnerships that shape our students to become leaders of tomorrow.