Alumni Profiles

Augustana graduates succeed in a wide variety of professions. Read short profiles on some of those graduates.

A photo of Mackenze Orr

Featured profile: Mackenze Orr

Associate Director, Raintree Financial Solutions

An associate director of the Corporate Finance division at Raintree after only graduating in 2014 with his bachelor of management, Mackenze feels his success is partly due to the tools he gained during his studies at Augustana.


Photo Name Program Occupation Profile
Elise Babyn B.Sc. Biology, 2007 Health, Safety, and Environment Coordinator Read profile
Stephanie Booth Stephanie Booth B.Sc. Biology, 2014 Policy Analyst for the Alberta Ministry of Health Read profile
Erin Martinson (Hinchliff) B.Sc. Biology, 2004 Dental Hygienist Read profile
Nicole Macdonald Biology/Chemistry Veterinarian Read profile
Rakhee Patel B.Sc. Biology, 2008 Pharmacist Read profile
Deena Hinshaw B.Sc. Chemistry/Biology, 1997 Lead Medical Officer for Central Alberta Read profile
Davin Martinson B.Sc. Chemistry, 2003 Chiropractor Read profile
Ryan Schmidt B.Sc. Chemistry/Biology, 2010 Optometrist Read profile
Cindy Eisman B.A. Computing Science/Philosophy and Religion, 2007 Technology Manager Read profile
Brad Croteau Brad Croteau B.Sc. Computing Science/Political Studies, 2013 Research and Development Coordinator for the RCAF's Director General Space Read profile
Nathan Huisman B.A. Drama 2011 Theatre Producer Read profile
Karen Wedel B.A. Drama, 2008 English & Drama teacher Read profile
Dean Prpick Dean Prpick B.A. English, 2014 Physiotherapist Read profile
Joël Gervais B.Sc. Environmental Science, 2012 Biologist & Environmental Scientist Read profile
Tamara Zembal Tamara Zembal B.Sc. Environmental Science, 2013 Land Use Office, Southern Alberta Read profile
Samantha Matters B.Sc. Environmental Science, 2014 Co-Founder, The Poison and The Apple Read Profile
Brinna Robertson-More B.Sc. Environmental Studies/Psychology, 2009 Dolphin Trainer Read profile
Craig Ferguson B.A. General, 1991 Detective
Kelly Graves UAlberta B.A. Gen, 1978 Entrepreneur / Consultant Read profile
A portrait of Naomi Armstrong Naomi Armstrong B.A. Global and Development Studies, 2007 Red Cross Program Manager Read profile
Thomas Trombetta B.A. Global and Development Studies, 2016 PrEP Alberta Coordinator Read profile
Ryan Mason B.A. Global Development Studies, 2009 Owner of Reclaim Urban Farm Read profile
Shay Barker B.A. History, 2011 Economic Development Officer Read profile
Anna Kuntz B.A. History, 2011 Private Historical Researcher Read profile
Anne-Marie Jamin B.A. International Development/French, 2005 United Nation's International Labour Organization (ILO) Read profile
Carson Roche B.A. Kinesiology, 2017 Community Coordinator Read profile
Tony Nguyen B.Sc. Kinesiology, 2014 Kinesiologist & Business Owner Read profile
Michael Swampy Michael Swampy B.Kin / B.Ed., 2017 Teacher and Athletic Director Read profile
Portrait of Simon Irving Simon Irving B.Mn., 2013 Alberta Ecotrust Foundation Program Coordinator Read profile
Portrait of Brendan Dzioba Brendan Dzioba B.Mn. Business Economics, 2014 Associate, Brownlee LLP Read Profile
Joel Danyluk B.Mn., 2015 Contiki Tour Sales Manager Read profile
Portrait of Joelle Johnson Joelle Johnson B.Mn., 2016 Wedding Planner & Business Owner Read profile
Mackenze Orr B.Mn. Business Economics, 2014 Associate Director, Raintree Financial Solutions Read profile
Drew Stolee B.Sc Mathematics / Computing Science, 1996 IT Infrastructure and Planning Read profile
Charley Boyd Medicine and Dentistry, 2017 Medical Doctor Read profile
Alex Fielding B.A. Music / General / IDS, 2003 International Criminal Lawyer Read profile
Ariane Fielding B.A. Music, 2002 Pediatric Anesthesiologist Read profile
Nicholas Howells B.Music, 2010 Composer Read profile
Meghan Rayment B.Music, 2007 Music Teacher Read profile
Duncan Wambugu B.A. Music 1999 Conductor Read profile
Jarek Chin B.A.Physical Education, 2008 World Financial Group Agency Owner Read profile
Blaine Gusdal B.A.Physical Education, 1990 Augustana Hockey Coach Read profile
Robyn Saude (Danyluk) B.A. Physical Education, 2001 Managing Directory of the Bow Habitat Station Read profile
Jonathan Suzanski B.A. Physical Education Nurse Read profile
Richard Bruneau B.Sc. Physics & Mathematics, 1998 Canadian Diplomat Read profile
Stewart Prest B.Sc. Physics & Math, 2000
B.A. History, 2001
Dr. of Political Science Read profile
Michael Bratvold B.A. Political Studies, 1994 Commercial Real Estate Broker Read profile
Ramona Robins B.A. Political Science, 1992 Lawyer Read profile
Christie Badry B.A. Psychology, 2000 Family-School Liaison Read profile
Sarah Brown B.A. Psychology, 2015 Curling Coach Read profile
Jenny Ofrim BA Psychology, 2002 Behavioural Health Consultant, Camrose Primary Care Network Read Profile
Rume Dedekuma Rume Dedekuma B.Sc. Psychology, 2013 Addictions Counsellor Read profile
Megan Patenaude B.Sc. Psychology, 2016 Probation Officer Read profile
Rhiannon Wegenast B.A. Psychology, 2007 Provisional Psychologist Read profile
Curtis Fogel B.A. Sociology, 2005 Criminology professor Read profile
Danielle Fostey B.A. Sociology, 2010 Crown Prosecutor Read profile
Carol Breitkreutz Carol Breitkreutz CLC 1977, B.Ed. 1979 (UAlberta) School Health Promoter with Alberta Health Services Read profile