Photo of Davin MartinsonProfile by Sara Chamberlain, submitted 2013

Just six years after beginning his sciences program at Augustana, Davin Martinson hung his Doctor of Chiropractic degree on the wall of his own practice in Camrose.

Davin's interest in chiropractic was born in his teen years when his parents were treated by a chiropractor. "I saw tremendous changes in them," Davin recalls. "It was as if they were ten years younger all of a sudden."

With a career path set in his mind, Davin majored in chemistry at Augustana, earning academic scholarships and graduating with great distinction. Just three weeks after his final exams, he moved to Dallas, Texas, to enrol at Parker College of Chiropractic for a year-round program that compressed nine academic terms into three years.

Three busy years later, as Davin was about to graduate from Parker, he saw an opportunity to purchase an existing chiropractic business in Camrose. He took the summer to prepare a business plan, and his practice was up and running in September 2006.

"Looking back, it was an intimidating prospect to own and run a business with limited experience," he says. "Initially it was tough to focus on both administrative duties and patient care."

When it comes to his patients, Davin finds his work rewarding, especially when he is able to work with a patient to improve, or even solve, a complicated or atypical condition. "Every so often I feel like I've helped change someone's life," says Davin. "And that's when it feels like my job really matters."

One example is a patient who had ridden horses competitively before she had open-heart surgery. When Davin first saw her, she had a lot of pain and couldn't lift her arm above chest level. One year later, the woman gave him a thank you card and a photo of her at a recent competition. "She told me she never thought she'd be able to compete in events like that again," says Davin. "What a wonderful feeling! It's highly satisfying to help empower someone to achieve their best."

As a clinician, Davin particularly enjoys focusing on athletic performance. He regularly donates his chiropractic services to Augustana's athletic teams, and he enjoys working with the university's up-and-coming athletes.

In his spare time, Davin plays hockey and takes advantage of Camrose's trails by running and cross-country skiing with his dog. He and his wife Erin (BSc Biology '04)-whom he met in a first-year chemistry lab-hike and backpack together. His love of the outdoors has sparked an interest in photography.

Davin and Erin are members of the local Rotaract Club, a service organization for young professionals. Davin joined because he believes it's important to serve and positively shape the community in which he lives.

With his commitment to his profession and his community, it's clear Davin will be making a difference in people's lives for many years to come.