Available as a Major in: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs.
Available as a Minor in:

Any program.


The Chemistry program at Augustana provides students with an exciting hands-on approach to learning about the fascinating area of Chemistry. We pride ourselves in offering a program that focuses on strength in teaching and positive interaction between faculty and students.

Students working in our brand new chemistry lab

Elements of our Program

  • Faculty are dedicated to excellence in teaching.
  • Small classes allow for individual attention; professors become better acquainted with each of their students.
  • Well structured lectures place an emphasis on the understanding of theory and practice, not rote memorization.
  • Learning within a cooperative atmosphere fosters the development of good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Senior students have direct access to all departmental instrumentation.
  • Qualified senior students have the opportunity to apply to work as teaching assistants in first-year labs and tutorials.
  • Students benefit from the expertise and research interests of highly qualified faculty.

Chemistry Laboratories at Augustana

  • Students interact directly with their professors and fellow students in the laboratory setting.
  • Laboratory exercises supplement and augment the material covered in the lecture portion of the course.
  • Labs are spacious and well-equipped.
  • All departmental instrumentation is available for student use in senior labs.
  • In an atmosphere conducive to learning, students gain hands-on experience and develop interpersonal skills through interaction with their colleagues.