Alumni Profile

Submitted 2018

Dean Prpick

Dean Prpick is enjoying his second year as a physiotherapist at the Camrose Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, where he delivers rehabilitation care to community members, including employees hurt on the job and people recovering from motor vehicle accidents. Dean is fascinated with his work and continually challenged by working with the human body. "It is not a straightforward or simple structure," he says. "Often, an injury that seems to be simple actually isn't, and each person I treat rehabs in a different way." He cherishes helping people make improvements in the quality of their lives, and he senses and responds to the responsibility of his position.

Dean first came to Augustana as a recruit for the Vikings hockey program. As a student athlete taking a full course load, he found it challenging to balance hockey and academics. "This was especially true in my first two years," he recalls, "with each year that passed, however, I became more accustomed to the routine and discipline." The time management skills he developed increased his confidence, enabled him to succeed academically, and helped him to excel on the ice. In his third year with the team, the Vikings won the ACAC championship. "It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life," Dean remembers happily, "I still get chills thinking back to it."

Dean graduated from Augustana in 2014 with a BA in English and minors in both physical education and psychology. Afterward, he continued his education at the Augustana campus, completing the U of A's master's program in physiotherapy. Dean found Augustana to be a challenging and productive environment in which he developed the skills that make him a successful professional today. Dean reflects, "I appreciated the quality of the library and the fact that the professors always had an open door, fostering a healthy learning environment." The environment also fostered lasting relationships that Dean treasures: his family and friends today are a direct result of his time at Augustana.

As a new professional, Dean recognizes that he has much to learn through experience, mistakes, and further education. He plans to continually develop skills and knowledge that will enable him to deliver the best patient-centered care possible. Dean is deeply committed to his personal mantra that has served him well thus far: "With every day, I want to be better at what I do than the day before."