Available as an Area of Study in the Creativity and Culture Major in:

Bachelor of Arts

Available as a Minor in:

Any program

"the study of literature takes in everything . . . thought and felt and done, including science and the arts"

Why Study English?

Studying English will change your life. Writers know that telling a tale and doing so with compelling language can engage the mind, move the heart, and stir the soul in a manner like no other. Studying literature disturbs and inspires; it troubles and comforts. In short, the study of literature is a means of engaging life's issues vitally and intensely.

How Practical is Studying English?

Students have two principal interests in mind when selecting their programs. On one hand, they wish to develop their intellectual capacities. On the other, they wish to prepare themselves for future careers. For many students, English studies serve both of these interests, since they develop two broadly useful skills: the ability to read and critically analyze literary texts, and the ability to express ideas in a clear and well-organized manner.

"Literature is the human activity that takes the fullest and most precise account of variousness, possibility, complexity, and difficulty."

Lionel Trilling

Distinctive features of Augustana Campus' English Program:

  • a number of non-traditional courses, including African, Women's, Contemporary, and Children's literature
  • courses covering all the major fields of literature written in English
  • specialty courses at the advanced level on individual topics
  • a program that promotes methods of thinking critically and writing and speaking effectively
  • substantial library holdings in English literature
  • The Writing Centre, a centre that provides writing support to all writers in the Augustana community-students, staff, and instructors alike.
  • a faculty with interdisciplinary interests willing to undertake joint projects with other disciplines
  • student-initiated courses in a particular author, genre, topic, or theoretical approach
  • depending on interest, a student literary journal and/or English Club

"One of the virtues of literary studies is that they lead constantly outside themselves."

F.R. Leavis