Music Teacher

Sing music, will travel.

At least, that was the experience for Meghan Rayment, an Augustana graduate with a bachelor's degree in music. As a native Camrosian, she didn't have far to go to get to the campus each morning, but while touring with the Augustana Choir she was able to visit New York, Italy, and even-as an alumnus -Hungary.

"My experiences with the choir are some of the highlights of my time at Augustana."

"It made me want to keep singing, and to study conducting as well."

In the years since her graduation, she has kept to that course, adding elements to her education through a Master's degree in Choral Conducting as well as an after-degree in Education, all at the North Campus in Edmonton.

"I've always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, and my experiences at Augustana, and later at the U of A, helped me to understand how I could do that in combination with music.

"Singing with the choir, for instance, made me want to learn more about choral singing and conducting. I began working with children's choirs and am now an active member of the Alberta Kodály Association, which is dedicated to the music education of children."

In some ways, it may seem that Meghan hasn't travelled that far at all, as she grew up in Camrose and now calls Edmonton home. However, she would probably disagree. For her, the path she took to get from where she was to where she is now has made all of the difference. Meghan wanted to be an elementary school teacher growing up and has now realized her goal, gaining valuable and extensive skills and experience along the way.

Meghan's academic achievements have also been acknowledged through awards such as the Beryl Barnes Memorial Graduate Award, the John and Logie Drew Graduate Scholarship in Choral Conducting, the Swiss Ethnic Music Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship. She is a music specialist currently teaching with Edmonton Catholic Schools. Meghan also has directed various choral ensembles in the Edmonton area, including the All-City Junior Choir and Edmonton Junior and Primary Choirs. She is presently directing a children's choir in the Edmonton Young Voices program, and is assistant director for Ariose Women's Choir, an award-winning auditioned adult treble choir.