Financial Advisor

by Pam Chamberlain, submitted 2016

Jarek Chin"In sports, if you don't know the rules of the game, it's almost impossible to win," says Jarek Chin. "The same applies to personal finances."

Jarek owns an agency with World Financial Group in Edmonton. "I wanted to make a difference in people's lives," he says, "and provide a service that is much needed in our society." Each day, Jarek meets with individuals and families to teach them about money-everything from saving and investing to reducing taxes or paying off debt.

Jarek, who grew up in Camrose, studied physical education at Augustana and played for the Vikings hockey team. He credits Augustana's small campus with preparing him for his career: "I learned how to interact with people and build relationships," he explains. His participation in athletics helped, too. "There are similarities in what it takes to win in sports and in business: discipline, competitiveness, mental toughness, self-motivation, and determination. My involvement in sports while growing up has helped me in business today."

After graduating from Augustana, Jarek began working with World Financial Group because he liked the idea of a career that allowed him to remain in control of his time but also gave him the opportunity to make a difference. There was a learning curve, he says, "I never knew the rules of the money game, but once I learned them, I developed a passion for helping others and making an impact in the community."

Jarek reflects, "It's amazing to sit down with people and educate them about something that they should have been taught years ago, but weren't. It gets even better when I can help someone save $1000 a month by consolidating debt. The feeling I get from significantly impacting someone's whole life, not just their finances, is indescribable."

Jarek has also brought his love for hockey into his work. He organizes an annual charity hockey game which brings together his colleagues in the Edmonton and and Calgary offices to compete at the Ice Palace in West Edmonton Mall. This year's game raised $125 000 for the Stollery Children's Hospital.

Jarek has ambitious goals for his company. World Financial Group is starting to expand across Canada, and his goal is to have an office in every province so they can help even more people. As always, Jarek is aiming high and is sure to succeed.

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