The Certificate in Community Mental Health: Theory and Practice

The Certificate in Community Mental Health: Theory and Practice, involves completing a specific set of psychology courses, as well as doing volunteer placements, through psychology courses, in community organizations.

Students are trained in the principles of mental health, including psychological well-being and neuropsychological disorders, and learn about the types of interventions that are designed to support those with mental illness. Recipients of the certificate are valuable members of their community and may be attractive employment or graduate school prospects.

Applicants should provide a transcript and an essay as described below.

The essay should be in 12 point Times New Roman font, APA formatted, with a title page and page numbers. It should also have an APA formatted References section.

It is intended to give applicants a chance to express why they are interested in the Certificate and how they feel the program might benefit themselves or other students in general. It should make use of references that are relevant to the question of how community organizations can best deal with individuals who are mentally ill. For example, are there findings that show that the establishment of a mental health organization can reduce incidence of various disorders, including suicide? In what other ways can the claim be supported that community organizations can be beneficial?

You can choose to be personal, if you wish. These essays will only be seen by two psychology faculty members, so you may disclose things that you are reflecting on and be confident that they will remain confidential.

Applications materials (including essays) should be submitted to Student Advisors by the add/drop deadline of the last 11-week term of their second year of studies. Interested students should contact their Student Advisor as soon as possible to receive direction on how to proceed.

There are a limited number of places available in this program. Students will normally apply at the end of their second year of studies, but should contact their Student Advisor as soon as possible.

Once the application is submitted, it is evaluated by two members of the psychology faculty. Students can expect to learn if they have been approved within two weeks.

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