Research Projects

The Alberta School of Business has broad and deep expertise in the fields of management science and operations research. By applying emerging techniques to complex and quantitative problems such as facility location, network design, vehicle routing, production planning, or inventory management, businesses can save thousands or even millions of dollars. The Centre coordinates these consulting engagements to ensure that the appropriate resources are assigned to each.


Alberta Health Services- The CEO has partnered with Alberta Health Services and Darkhorse Analytics in a project to develop station location models that take into account uncertainty in demand and response times for the province of Alberta. The project builds upon the work done for the Capital Region, Calgary Region and the City of St. Albert Emergency Response Departments.

Calgary Public Safety Commission - The CEO has partnered with the Calgary PSC in a project to develop deployment models for the Emergency services within the Calgary Region. The project builds on previous work done for the city of Calgary and its surrounding areas.


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