People Pages (formerly Professor Pages)

In order to remove duplicate profiles on the UAlberta website, professor pages and directory contact cards have now merged as people pages within the Find a Person directory.

This means that rather than having to maintain your directory listing as well as your professor page, you now have one place where you can make any edits to your profile. There is also now one place for website users to find your information.

Unless you have been otherwise directed, all of the information from your professor page will come across to your directory profile page.

Finding your people page

To find your page, navigate to it by clicking on Find a Person at the top of any UAlberta page and searching for your name.

Screenshot indicating where to find Find a Person and how to search the IST directory.

If your name is unique, you will be taken directly to your profile. Otherwise, select your listing from the search results.

Screen shot showing the directory search result page.

How to Log In

How to Log in to edit your People Pages


If you are already logged into a UAlberta app (Gmail, Beartracks, etc.), you may already be logged in. Otherwise, click on Login at the top right of your screen, on the green banner.

Screenshot of the login link on the people directory.

Editing your page

How to do basic edits


When you have found your page, you can make edits to it if needed.

Once you’re logged in, click on the Edit button to the right of your profile.

Screenshot showing where to click to edit people page.

You’ll now see two new buttons on the right side of your profile: Manage Content and Finished Editing.


To change your profile image, click on the pencil icon on top of the image and browse your files to find a new image from your computer. Ideally, select an image that is square and at least 250 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall. Otherwise, your image will be cropped or resized to fit the available square.

To edit or add information to your page, click on the Manage Content button to see a dropdown. You’ll see some, but not all, of the following options:

  • Upload CV: Upload a PDF of your CV to your page.
  • Update CV: If you already have a CV uploaded but would like to replace it with a more recent file, select this option.
  • Delete CV: Remove your uploadedCV from your page.
  • Add Biography Content: Add your credentials, social media links, availability details, research or teaching information, and announcements. When you are adding a biography, you can create it in English and/or French by selecting from the Language dropdown.
Screenshot showing dropdown with French and English biography options.
  • Edit Biography Content (English): If you have already created an English biography, select this option to edit it.
  • Edit Biography Content (French): If you have already created a French biography, select this option to edit it.
  • Add Publication: Add a new publication to your page.
  • Add Scholarly Activity: Add a new scholarly activity (such as research or administrative work) to your page.
  • Add Link: Add a link to your personal website, research group, news article, or other.
  • View Change Log: See any previous edits made to your page.

Once you have added items, you are able to scroll down to them on your page and edit or add new items directly on the page. The buttons to do so are on the right side of each box.

Screenshot showing how to edit components that are already on the people page.

When you’re done with your edits, select Finished Editing at the top left of your screen to submit your changes. To resume editing, click on Edit again.

Course listings

You may notice that you can no longer add courses to your page manually. Instead, courses will pull directly from Campus Solutions. Only current and future courses will be displayed. If you would like to add additional teaching information, you can do so in the Teaching field under Biography.

Getting help

If you would like assistance editing your page, select the Help link from the green banner.

Screenshot showing where the Help button is located on a people page.

Select the Locate Help For Me button in the Staff - Help section.

Screenshot showing help links on Help page.

You will be directed to the contacts from your department who can help you make changes to your page.