Publishing Content

The model for publishing in Cascade is very similar to Sitecore. Once you are ready for new or updated content to "go live", hit the publish button and the page will be published to the selected content delivery server.

The biggest difference between Sitecore and Cascade is that Cascade publishes as flat .html files to the publishing target.


This method as several advantages:

  1. The Cascade CMS does not run on our content delivery servers. If there are issues with the Cascade application, published content is not affected.
  2. Published files do not make requests to the application or a database - decreasing page load time. Exceptions may be customized pages that make an API call (Twitter, external news feed, etc).

 However, with this method of publishing, there are a few things to be aware of:

  1. Any change that impacts a menu must be published on all the pages that use that menu.
  2. Any changes to the top navigation items (Level 1 pages) require the entire site to be republished as this menu is seen on all pages on your site.
  3. Changes or additions to second level pages also require the entire site to be republished since these items are seen in the drop down menus.
  4. Changes to the left navigation of a specific section of the site require the entire section to be republished.
  5. The notes above also apply to deleted pages. The page will not be removed from all navigation until the appropriate sections of the site have been republished.