Message to Professor Page users

On May 6, the U of A will be launching a revised version of the Find a Person directory that will now contain the Professor Page functionality that was available in Sitecore.

24 April 2020

Hello everyone,

As many of you may have heard, the University of Alberta is in the process of moving to a new Enterprise Web Content Management System  Cascade CMS. One of the key components of the migration that requires a new solution is the Professor Pages module.

On May 6, the U of A will be launching a revised version of the “Find a Person” directory that will now contain the “Professor Page” functionality that was available in Sitecore.

The new Directory will leverage the current Directory listings and the Coveo site search engine to provide an improved experience to our users when searching for people on the U of A website.

For current users of the Professor Pages module, the impacts will be as follows:

  1. In order to migrate content from Sitecore to the Directory, the ability to edit Professor Pages in Sitecore will be unavailable starting Monday, April 27.
  2. Content will be migrated from current Professor Pages to the Directory.
  3. Professors using the current module will not be required to re-enter any content in the new system as part of the migration.
  4. Once the new version of the Directory is live, all users will be able to access the new system to update information.
  5. Documentation and how-to videos are available through the Cascade website and IST Support.
  6. Site Administrators within faculties and departments have also been briefed on this transition.

In addition to the added improvements within the directory and through using the Coveo search interface, functionality that previously was only available to professors through Sitecore is now open to all members of the U of A community. This includes staff, graduate students, Postdocs, etc.

More information can be found on the website by viewing the slides and recorded information session from April 22.

On behalf of the UR Digital and IST teams:

Tim Schneider

Executive Director, Digital