Work With Us

How is CUP unique?

CUP cultivates a collegial, mutually supportive and respectful environment where academics, research staff and students are colleagues and partners in research. This environment creates somewhat of a “community of practice” in which we can come together around a shared concern or passion to enhance our work. 

What is CUP’s role in the community?

CUP is committed to building the power of evidence for informed decision-making. We do this used engaged research approaches that support respectful collaboration with community partners to bring together a diversity of knowledges.  

How do students fit into CUP?

CUP is dedicated to building capacity among the future generation of engaged researchers. CUP nurtures a vibrant, interdisciplinary learning environment where ongoing knowledge development, action and reflection are drivers for our individual and collective improvement to better serve our community. As such, students can learn how to apply the principles of community-based research in practice, to draw from a range of methodological and transdisciplinary approaches, and how to develop a critical lens for the meaningful co-creation of knowledge with community partners.  

How do students contribute to CUP’s learning environment? 

To support CUP’s learning environment, students are expected to contribute:

  • Learning energy and intellectual curiosity, an openness to evolving ideas, and knowledge and opportunities.
  • A willingness to interact with others in generative ways to address research problems as they occur.
  • Reflexive practice to critically explore the collective and individual research experience, for example by challenging our assumptions, identifying established patterns, and engaging with areas of discomfort.