Work With Us

How is CUP unique?

CUP cultivates a collegial, mutually supportive and respectful environment where academics, research staff and students are colleagues and partners in research. This environment creates somewhat of a “community of practice” in which we can come together around a shared concern or passion to enhance our work. 

CUP is committed to building the power of evidence for informed decision-making. We do this used engaged research approaches that support respectful collaboration with community partners to bring together a diversity of knowledges.


Reasons communities work with CUP: CUP works with community partners including non-profit agencies and organizations, Indigenous communities, various levels of government, and foundations. All our community partners play a key role in supporting environments that improve the wellbeing of children, youth and families.

Reasons academics work with CUP: Community partners make numeroud research and evaluation requests to CUP every year. CUP reaches across the university to broker community-university relationships and bring needed disciplinary expertise, capacity, and funding opportunities to community research projects. This form of networking and collaboration supports more impactful outcomes for academics, students and community.

Reasons students work with CUP: CUP supervises and connects students to community partners as a key form of capacity and expertise to understake important community research and evaluation projects. Students gain valuable knowledge, experience, perspective and skills that prepare them to be the next generation of leaders.