Steering Committee

CUP's Steering Committee provides critical guidance and direction to CUP to ensure that our activities and efforts reflect the issues that impact and influence the broader community. Our Steering Committee has grown and its members eagerly volunteer their time to discuss challenging issues. Our members represent a variety of community and university organizations and agencies. The committee is co-chaired by Deanna Williamson (University Co-Chair) and Kourch Chan (Community Co-Chair). 

Our current Steering Committee members are:

Kourch Chan (Community Co-Chair)

Chief Strategy Officer


Christina Nsaliwa

Executive Director

Edmonton Immigrant Services Association

Deanna Williamson (University Co-Chair)

Associate Professor

Department of Human Ecology

Christina Rinaldi


Faculty of Education

Jeff Bisanz

Professor Emeritus

University of Alberta

Jordana Salma

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Nursing

Gloria Chalmers

Community Member

Farha Shariff

Senior Advisor, EDID Initiatives

Faculty of Education

Yvonne Chiu and Hannah Goa

FRN Coordination and Evaluation

Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative

Ivan Simic

Senior Policy Analyst

Seniors and Community Social Services, Strategic Policy and Planning Branch

Krysta Fitzgerald

Deputy Executive Director

Boyle Street Community Services

Cheryl Shinkaruk

Manager: Programs and Projects

Edmonton Catholic School Division

Martin Garber-Conrad

Community Member

Christopher Smith

Associate Executive Director

The Muttart Foundation

Wendy Hoglund

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Melissa Tremblay

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education

Beth Hunter

FCSS Liaison

City of Edmonton

Allan Undheim

Vice President, Community Building & Investment

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

Elaine Hyshka

Associate Professor

School of Public Health

Liana Urichuk

Chief Operating Officer

PolicyWise for Children & Families

Jeff Johnson


School of Public Health

Tanya Voth

Program Director

Women and Children's Health Research Institute

Tehseen Ladha

Assistant Professor

Department of Pediatrics

Dori Wearmouth

Senior Policy Lead

Alberta Health

Owen Livermore

Research Consultant

Edmonton Public Schools

Sophie Yohani


Department of Educational Psychology

Michelle Maroto

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology