One of our strongest assets are our people. They build trusting partnerships, support the incubation and development of new projects, broker research relationships, and oversee the progress of our research programs. After 18 years of community-based research experience, CUP has become a necessary and important voice around tables in the community and on campus.

CUP is guided by a Steering Committee that provides guidance to Karen Edwards (Director) in her leadership of CUP operations. Karen is supported by a collaborative team of Rebecca Gokiert and Maria Mayan. Rebecca and Maria lead specific research areas within CUP. Click on the photo to read their bio.

Leadership Team

Photo of Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards

Dr. Maria Mayan

Photo of Dr. Rebecca Gokiert

Dr. Rebecca Gokiert

Our Team

Our researchers are sought after leaders in community-based research, knowledge mobilization, and the scholarship of engagement. Our researchers and research assistants play a key role in ensuring the progress of our partnerships and projects. Their experience is drawn from various faculties across the University of Alberta. We strive to provide innovative experiential-based learning opportunities for our graduate students and new leadership opportunities for our staff.


Bethan Kingsley
Research Associate

Jason Daniels
Evaluation & Research Specialist

Julia Tran
Grocery Run Coordinator

Kirstyn Morley
Research Assistant

Marilyn Hawirko
Centre Administrator

Rob Buschmann
Research Associate

Sarah Scott
Research Assistant

Sennait Yohannes
Community Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator

Shelly Jun
Research Coordinator


Stanley Varnhagen
Faculty Service Officer

Surma Das
EPE Research Coordinator

Tatjana Alvadj
Research Coordinator

Teresa Meija
AIFY Project Coordinator

Our Students

CUP has a number of talented Graduate Students who support our research projects. They come to us from various faculties across the University and CUP provides them with skills and experience to effectively translate theory into practice.


Chelsea Freeborn
Graduate Research Assistant

Mischa Taylor
Graduate Research Assistant

Nick Lesyk
Graduate Research Assistant

CUP Steering Committee

CUP Steering Committee - June 2015