Recruiting Vulnerable Populations

Principle Investigators: Laurie Schnirer and Holly Stack-Cutler
Funder: Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
Duration: 2009-2012

An innovative project entitled Exploring Systems Barriers and Enablers in Recruiting Vulnerable Populations (RVP) tackles a fundamental common challenge among community program planners, policymakers, and researchers who work with vulnerable populations: recruiting families to participate in a program or research project. Often, little thought is given to the process of recruitment, however low-income populations have significant barriers to participation in programs and research. This research project is documenting service provider and researcher (a) methods of recruitment, (b) assessment of what works and what does not work, (c) barriers, (d) resources needed for success, and (e) retention strategies. The project aims to provide a better understanding on the part of the 'recruiter' about the countermeasures needed to recruit low-income families.