Hospitality Services at the University of Alberta has joined EcoStay, a fully transparent, third party program that supports hotels across North America in their effort to take action against climate change. When guests check-in to our guest rooms or summer accommodations, they will now have the opportunity to make their stay a little greener.

Every night, an optional $2 fee is applied to a client’s bill. $1.50 of this will be used to support emission-reducing projects by purchasing “carbon offsets” from LivClean. The other $0.50 will be saved for environmental improvements in Hospitality Services’ Lister guest suites.

“We’re very excited,” said Dolores March, General Manager. “It’s a meaningful and effective way of demonstrating our concern for the environment.”

According to EcoStay, 97 per cent of guests choose to contribute to this program. With Hospitality Services at the University of Alberta now listed on EcoStay’s website, eco-conscious travellers may choose on-campus accommodations over other options because of the climate-action program.

Changing more than just the sheets

Hospitality Services will use the EcoStay funding to install low-flow showerheads and toilets, a water bottle refill station and undertake an energy audit. To ensure that any improvements can be evaluated, EcoStay has added Hospitality Services to Green Hotels Global, an internationally recognized benchmarking tool that uses actual utility information to calculate carbon footprints.

“We take pride in ensuring we can be as sustainable as possible. Our staff are passionate about this—for the environment and for the university,” said Diana Yee, Administrative Coordinator.

Sustainability is key

Hospitality Services is already enrolled in Green Key, an audited evaluation and rating system that recognizes hotels, motels and resorts committed to improving their environmental and fiscal performance.

Hospitality Services’ recent green renovations and best practices:

  • Energy-efficient lighting (CFL)
  • ENERGY STAR® rated refrigerators
  • Paperless booking and registration
  • Participation in Zero Waste project
  • Recyclables collected in all guest suites
  • Lights and heating are turned off in unoccupied rooms
  • Participation in towel and/or linen reuse program
  • Student & Guest Services is Green Spaces certified with a Gold rating

Guests are provided information on EcoStay when they check into Student & Guest Services.