Groupize – Event Management Software

Groupize is the University of Alberta’s enterprise event management software solution that delivers end-to-end functionality to support events. From sourcing to attendee management and registration, the cloud-based platform is designed for any size or type of event and is easy to use. With Groupize, a U of A meeting planner or event host can create a highly functioning event website for their in-person, hybrid, or virtual meeting, conference, webinar, or tradeshow. The event site allows for visibility on social media or advertising, enrollment, attendee management, event management, and fee collection. All of this can be accessed through a website or an available attendee app and included for all events in Groupize.

Need assistance running your event? Conference Services can assist with online event registration, reporting, website set-up and more. Contact Conference Services at for more information. Note: A fee may apply for using this service.

Getting Started

You can request access to Groupize by following this link - Groupize (use your CCID email and create your profile). You only require a profile if you are hosting a meeting or an event. You do not require a profile if you are simply attending an event.

Visit the Groupize Learning Center to begin using Groupize once you receive access.

Visit Groupize


The following training video has been developed by Groupize and the University of Alberta:  U of A Onboarding Training Video

Note: You will need a Groupize profile to create your Groupize event. Create a Groupize profile first.

Need Support?

Planning an event with a large number of virtual attendees (up to 1000)? Use the U of A’s Zoom Webinar license. Schedule your event with IST »

For questions about using Groupize visit the Groupize Learning Center.

Need help but already in Groupize? Email Groupize Support at

Events Team Toolkit

The Events Team Toolkit is a collection of event planning resources and tips created by the External Relations Events Team. Use the toolkit for event planning support during any stage of the process.

Access the toolkit

Accessing Groupize + Pricing

Begin by creating a Groupize profile using your CCID email. You'll get instant access! Create your profile in Groupize and you are ready to go. Groupize is designed to be a self-serve tool that will allow you to get your event up and running in no time.

Groupize is free to use. No ‘per user’ fees, unlimited attendees, and the Groupize Event App is included!

Collecting Registration Fees

If you have your own Stripe account, please contact before setting up your event in Groupize.

If you intend on using the University of Alberta's Stripe account, please contact before setting up your event in Groupize.

Fees apply if you are collecting registration fees. Two charges apply, Stripe and Conference Services.


Groupize uses a 3rd party payment platform (Stripe) to manage payment collection. Stripe fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per successful card charge (Canadian origin cards). Credit cards that originate outside of Canada are subject to an additional 0.6% service see (3.5% + $0.30 per successful transaction).

5% GST must be added to the registration fee and will come off of the original registration fee. Example on a $105 registration fee:

  1. $5 of GST comes off
  2. 2.9% of the TOTAL charge = $3.05 comes off
  3. $0.30 successful card charge comes off
  4. Yields $96.65 back to the event

Note: The 2.9% and the $0.30 per successful charge fee are charged on payments. No fee applies to a refund. If a registered delegate pays their $105 and then CANCELS and you refund the $105, these fees are still charged back to your event (i.e. there would be $3.35 of "fees" charged to the event).

Conference Services

Conference Services is responsible to reconcile fees from Stripe to the host department at the U of A. A fee of $150 applies to each completed reconciliation. If you are charging a registration fee, please contact Conference Services at before your event going live for information on this service and fees.


If refunds are required for any registration fees, please contact Conference Services as they must be done manually through Stripe. Cancelling the attendee in Groupize does NOT automatically initiate a refund.





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