Updates for the U of A community, week ending October 30

This week’s edition includes information on: new mandatory 15-person social gathering limit; COVID-like symptoms from flu shots; one-time or occasional campus visits; and Halloween tips.

30 October 2020

Posted: October 30, 2:00 p.m.

Mandatory 15-person limit for in-person social gatherings

Currently, Edmonton and surrounding communities are seeing a rapid rise in active COVID-19 cases. As a result, the Government of Alberta has announced additional mandatory and voluntary public health measures. As of Oct. 26, there is a mandatory 15-person limit on all in-person social gatherings in the City of Edmonton. Please ensure you are aware of the latest public health measures for your location.

COVID-19-like symptoms from your flu shot

After getting immunized some people can have temporary side effects such as fever, headache, cough, runny nose, or sore throat. Side effects tend to be mild and could last 24 to 48 hours. If you have side effects that are the same as COVID-19 symptoms, Alberta Health Services states that you must stay home and isolate even if you think they are from the vaccine. If the side effects go away within 48 hours, you don’t have to continue to isolate and you can return to normal activities.

Influenza immunization is more important this season than ever before. If you’re in Alberta, book your flu shot online or call your pharmacist or physician to arrange an appointment. Individuals who do not have a provincial health care number can call AHS Health Link at 811 to seek the free flu immunization.

One-time or occasional visits to campus

Students, faculty or staff members who need to visit campus on a one-time or occasional basis for work are required to seek approval before coming to campus. Approvals are granted by supervisors before attending campus. Managers should refer to the One-time & Occasional Visits section of the Safety Measures approvals processes. Visitors who are granted approval must complete the Campus Safety Checklist before they go, and should use Here@UAlberta to check in and out when on campus.

Tips for a happy — and safe — Halloween

If you are planning to participate in Halloween activities this year, see Alberta’s guide for safe Halloween activities or get-togethers within your social cohort during COVID-19.