February 5: COVID-19 update — Campus Activity Changes Effective February 8

Step One at the U of A will see small increases to campus activities, including one-time and occasional visits to campus, limited general work-on-campus exceptions, and 1:1 sport and recreation training.

05 February 2021

Posted: February 5, 9:00 a.m.

University of Alberta campuses will see small increases to activities starting Monday, February 8. The changes listed below follow the recently released Government of Alberta long-term, four-step plan to gradually resume activities across the province. 

One-time and occasional visits to campus

Students, faculty or staff members who need to visit campus on a one-time or occasional basis for work can again seek approval before coming to campus. Approvals are granted by supervisors before attending campus. Managers should refer to the One-time & Occasional Visits section of the Safety Measures approvals processes. 

Limited general work-on-campus exceptions 

Supervisors can also now again grant work-on-campus approvals for staff who cannot operate effectively at home (e.g., access to equipment or inadequate work space). The Working from Campus section of the Safety Measures General Directives’ approval processes outlines the steps employees can take to see if they qualify to return to campus. Managing Safe Returns to Campus guides through preparing employees for a return to campus.

Sport and recreation facilities available for 1:1 training and/or rentals

Starting February 8, one-on-one or one-on-one household training is permitted for indoor fitness activities. To register for 1:1 training in aquatics, climbing or tennis at U of A facilities, please visit Campus & Community Recreation. Pre-booking or pre-registration is required. 

Campus & Community Recreation also continues to offer a wide variety of virtual fitness, dance, meditation and gaming opportunities to stay active while remote. Find one that supports your fitness goals.

Required safety eCourse before returning to campus

Anyone granted approval to work or visit campus, even if only for a one-time visit, must complete the Required eCourse Campus Safety Winter 2021 before they arrive. To support contact tracing, please also use Here@UAlberta to check in and out when on campus.

Safety Measures Mask FAQs: double-masking?

If you’ve been reading about “double-masking” or need advice on the fit of your mask, take a look at the recently updated Mask FAQs from the university’s Safety Measures General Directives.

General inquiries: U of A Public Health Response Team, phrtinfo@ualberta.ca

COVID-19 Rapid Response support for on-campus supervisors, instructors and activity coordinators: U of A Rapid Response Triage Team, phrt.triage@ualberta.ca