Internationally Educated Teachers Bridging Program

Have you earned your teaching qualifications in a country other than Canada? If you are interested in teaching in Alberta, but can't because you have not met the qualifications for certification, the Internationally Educated Teachers Bridging Program may be for you.

Bridging Program Objectives

Through this pilot program, the Faculty of Education aims to assist participants who obtained their teaching qualifications in other countries to:

  • Meet the final academic requirements for teacher certification in Alberta through a cluster of courses and a nine-week field experience.
  • Enhance their professional growth as teachers
  • Make a transition, where possible, to teaching and related employment in Alberta schools (Please note that we cannot guarantee employment.)
  • Be awarded a Diploma from the Faculty of Education upon successful completion of the program


Tuition and fees for program participants are anticipated to be covered (to a pre-determined maximum amount) through program funds from Teaching and Leadership Excellence, Alberta Education.

Admission Requirements

To see if you are eligible to participate in this program, please consult the following checklist:

  • You have successfully completed a teacher preparation program (focused on teaching children and youth in schools) in a country other than Canada where the cultural, professional, and organizational dimensions of teaching differ significantly from the Canadian context.
  • You have a letter of assessment regarding teacher certification from the Teaching and Leadership Excellence, Alberta Education.
  • You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • You have met the combined requirements (University of Alberta Faculty of Education and Alberta Education) for English Language Proficiency for the Internationally Educated Teachers Bridging Program.
  • You are available for full-time study at the University of Alberta, for two academic terms (Fall and Winter), which include a field experience that will run through the end of May.


Find Out More

For more details - including forms and information related to English Language Proficiency and to possible funding sources for living expenses - please see the BP Steps document.

For additional inquiries about eligibility and admissions, please contact Education's Undergraduate Student Services office at

For other questions regarding this Bridging Program please email