Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I acquire internet access?

    Certain areas do not require any special procedure for internet access, such as the Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering, where all you need to do is plug into a Data Port (labelled like D-00x).

    However in other buildings, such as NREF and MECE, you will need to fill out a Network Access Request Form. You will need an Engineering user account to complete this form, but you can use the "UWS" network in the meantime to fill out the forms.

    If you have any trouble, visit us in 1-300 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering.

  • How can I change my Engineering user account password?

    There are two ways to do it.

    1. If you know the password and would like to change it, then you can go to to change it. Please remember that your username is your CCID.
    2. If your computer is joined to the Engineering domain and you use engineering\ccid as username, then you can change your password from your computer itself. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click "Change a password". This will prompt you to enter your current and new password to change it. Please note that this change is not restricted only to your computer and you can use this new password on all engineering resources like VPN, Help Desk, etc.
  • How can I get my computer repaired?

    If your university-issued computer/workstation is acting up, please contact us by email at, phone 780-492-8828, online at (login required) or come into our office in 1-300 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering. Please ensure ALL USER DATA is BACKED UP or inform us whether or not your data is on the system, as part of our repair process potentially requires us to format your storage drives.

    *Please note we are not able to service personal computers.

  • I need access to shared resources like a printer or network drive (like R: or S:) used by my group. What should I do to get access?
    Contact us to get access. Please note that for some resources we will require your supervisor's approval.
  • What can I do on help desk?
    1. Submit a ticket for help
    2. Request an engineering account
    3. Request network and VPN access
    4. Request a computer or accessory purchase
    5. View how to guides
    6. Find information about our standard computer configurations
  • What should I do if I forgot my engineering password?
    Please contact us through email, phone or through in-person support at DICE 1-300 to reset your password.
  • What software do we support?

    CEE CME MEC OnTheHub**
    Ansys with CFX and Fluent
    Ansys for Research
    CMG (research)

    CSI Bridge
    Materials Studio
    HSM Works (Solidworks)
    MathCAD 15
    Solidworks Network License
    Star CCM+

    *Access to engineering software above is based on department, license availability and approval to install.
    **OnTheHub is supported by IST. Please go to OnTheHub website to find more software.

  • Who needs an engineering account?
    1. Engineering staff and faculty members
    2. Engineering grad students
    3. Summer interns, research assistants, co-op students
  • Why purchase computer equipment through us?
    1. We get the best prices due to education discount from the manufacturer.
    2. Our current catalogue are business-grade computers which come with a 3-year warranty and a next-day onsite repairs.
    3. We already have the necessary expertise to speedily troubleshoot issues

    *The shipping time varies. Standard configuration desktop can usually be on site within 3 - 4 business days. See How to Purchase an Engineering Standard Configuration Computer for details.