Performance and Grading

All graduate students are required to maintain a satisfactory standard of performance in order to remain in the faculty. The interpretation of satisfactory performance in MEng, MSc, and PhD programs in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering is as follows:

1. General

  1. The cumulative grade point average (GPA) used in evaluating a student's performance for MEng, MSc, and PhD programs refers to a weighted (by term hours) average of the grades in all courses in the student's graduate program. In a given term the GPA is calculated from the courses which are part of the student's program. Courses that do not qualify for credit toward degree course requirements are not included in calculating the GPA. The original grade in a failed course which has been repeated, or replaced by an alternate course, is included in calculating the GPA.
  2. The pass mark in any course taken as part of the program is C+. A failing grade is defined as C or lower for graduate students. All failed courses must be either repeated or replaced by an alternate course acceptable to the Department. In this Department it is required that the cumulative GPA at the time of graduation for all courses in the program be not less than 2.7 out of 4.0.

2. Specific

  1. If the GPA is less than 2.7 after one term of graduate study, the student will be placed on probation. A student placed on probation may remove this status by performance in the next term such that the GPA for the course work of both terms is at least 2.7.
  2. If the GPA after two terms of graduate study is less than 2.7, the student may be required to withdraw from the program.

3. PhD Programs

  1. A student who wishes to go directly into a PhD program after graduation from a BSc program is required to have first-class standing (GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0 at the University of Alberta, or equivalent).
  2. Any graduate student who has gone directly into a PhD program after his or her BSc program (without receiving an MSc) and who does not maintain a GPA of 3.5 will be required to convert to an MSc program.

In the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, being on probation means that students are permitted to stay in the graduate program even though their most recent record is below the standard normally required by the Department. Graduate students are not permitted to stay on probation for two consecutive terms. Probationary students do not receive financial support from the Department.