David & Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety & Risk Management

The David and Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management at the University of Alberta offers the only integrated ESRM program of its kind in Canada. The School was founded in 2016 after having been in operation as the ESRM program that was established by the Faculty of Engineering in 1988. The School continues to be encouraged by the leadership and support of both industry and government.

The application of engineering safety and risk management within industries and institutions provides strategies for the continuous reduction of risk exposure to people, the environment, facilities/assets and business interests / productivity. This is a rapidly evolving area of expertise that continues to provide risk reduction solutions in a wide range of industrial, commercial, transportation, government, and institutional settings.

The School is the culmination of a pioneering effort to introduce engineering safety and risk management as a core competency for senior engineering students. For the years 2012 through to 2016, the School has graduated more than 1,000 students, with enrollment steadily increasing from ~160 in 2012-2013 to almost 320 in 2016-2017. In conjunction with the founding of the School, the core course, ENGG404 - Leadership in Risk Management, has been made a mandatory course for all engineering students, beginning with the students entering their second year in September 2016. Over the next few academic years, the School will grow and evolve to teach over 1,100 students per academic year.

The School remains current with corporate participation as a key enabler for sharing best practices and providing actual operational experience.