David & Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety & Risk Management

Program's Future

Our Strategy and The Future of The School:

The School provides education and research within engineering safety and risk management. This School is the only one of its kind in Canada to offer this field of study within engineering. Development of course materials began in 1988 and continues today to reflect emerging and evolving best practices in safety and risk management.

In terms of strategy, the intent is to expand on the program base to further enable incorporation into related subjects such as engineering design courses.

In terms of strategy, the School continues on its path of expansion that began in 2012 with the initiative to encourage the adoption of this expertise as a required core competency in engineering and the bench-marking / university-leading decision in 2014 to adopt ENGG404 ESRM-LRM as the core course for all engineering fields of study. The strategy continues today with the development, adaptation, and implementation of new teaching and learning methods and content to manage the expanding enrollment from ~120 students in 2012 to almost 1,200 students per academic year in 2018-2019.

The School has also established its first offering of graduate studies and research opportunities in engineering safety and risk management. These two offering begin to build the intellectual capacity to conduct research projects beneficial to our industry/government/institutional partners and to develop additional courses, eventually to comprise a certificate / degree program. This in turn provides our industry/government/institutional partners with graduate-level students that can enter their professions with safety and risk management expertise and the knowledge of current best practices in the field.

How can you help us achieve these goals?

Financial contributions can be made to directly support the school and course delivery, and to provide the means to advance our strategy for expanded instruction in this field of expertise.