Electrical Shop


If not your primary field of expertise, electricity, and electronics can be a daunting and confusing task. It can often be a significant safety hazard as well.

The Electrical Shop in the Mechanical Engineering Building provides consultation, design, modification, troubleshooting and repair of scientific apparatus. Electronic circuit design and fabrication services are also available.
Our goal is to provide the community with a friendly environment for students and researchers to ask questions and learn the safe application and integration of high and low voltage systems into both research and undergraduate labs.
Our service line includes:
  • Equipment Repair
  • Equipment / experimental setup troubleshooting
  • Circuit Design and fabrication involving:
    • Analog circuits:
      • Signal conditioners, amplifiers, and filters
    • Digital circuits:
      • Arduino, Teensy, ESP32, Raspberry Pi
      • Transducer interfaces including: temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, and flow
      • RS232, RS422, RS485, I2C, SPI etc.
    • Schematic capture and printed circuit board design
    • PCB assembly: SMT and Thru-hole
  • Programming
    • Arduino
    • C / C++
    • LabVIEW / Real-time FPGA
    • Python / MicroPython
  • Data Acquisition, Machine and Process Control
    • Ie. LabVIEW/Compact DAQ/RIO
    • OPTO 22/PAC Control
    • OPC
    • Modbus (ASCII/RTU/TCP)
  • Custom cabling
  • Instrumentation design and fabrication
    • Ie. Heater PID controllers for example
  • Equipment purchasing / consultation
  • Electronics theory consultation
  • Safety consultation

Student training and instruction on all the above topics to encourage self-sufficiency when desired.