Engineering Technical Services


Who We ARE

Engineering Technical Services aids members of the Faculty of Engineering in the design of new experimental devices, manufacturing and assembly of parts and equipment, the repair and modification of existing laboratory equipment, and programming and materials testing. We offer support for research and student activities within the Faculty of Engineering.
Engineering Technical Services will also support our wider University of Alberta community as well as affiliated and non-affiliated off-campus groups. Support is based on availability, groups not within Engineering should reach out to to inquire further.

Our Services

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop is here to help students and researchers define, design, manufacture, and assemble their projects with our wide range of machines, tools, and resources.

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Electrical Shop

The Electronics Shop provides consultation, electronic design, programming, and fabrication services. Modification and repair of scientific apparatus is also available.

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Materials Testing Lab

The Materials Testing Lab supports research and individual projects through a variety of hands-on experimental testing techniques, design, planning and best practices.

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Ready to work together?

Need a quote, design consultation, or an appointment? To move forward with your project, please review the following:

Talk to your supervisor about your upcoming project.

Gather information and supporting documentation to help define your project and provide the entire scope.

This can include:

  • Detailed CAD drawings
  • 3D Models / Assemblies
  • Detailed hand sketches
  • Photos
  • Description of required equipment
  • Materials and tools required

Missing some information, unsure where to start, or just have a very quick question?

Reach out via our inbox:

Email Us

Want to talk to someone in person?

Come see us at our customer service desk in MECE 1-19


Need a consultation or a cost estimate, ready to start a project, or require training to complete work yourself?

Submit a work request

*Please note that approval from the speed code account holder is needed before manufacturing work can proceed!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens when I submit a work requisition?
  1. A work requisition (WR) number is created for the job, so that it can be identified and tracked.
  2. An email summarizing the information is sent to, alerting the staff of the proposed project.
  3. If there are supporting files to be included with the project, an email is sent to the job requester with a link to a form to which they attach the files.
  4. An email is sent to the Account Holder for approval. Note: The project will not commence until Engineering Technical Services receives approval from the Account Holder.
  5. Once the job is fully defined (after any necessary consultation) and reviewed by technical staff, it enters the workqueue.
When will I get a response to my question?
Inquiries to our inbox typically receive a response within one business day.
What happens if there’s a change to my project cost or timeline?
You (and the budget holder) will be notified as soon as necessary changes become apparent.
When will I be billed for the project, or receive the full project cost?
Incremental billing will be processed by the 15th of every month, and a job summary including the total project cost will be emailed to the budget holder within 30 days of completion.
What happens if I have questions about my current project, or want to make changes?
You can email us (, about your project. For the quickest response either use the current email thread about your project or send a new email with work requisition number in the subject line.
What happens if I need more consultation time than what is allotted for free?

All projects are granted up to 1 hour of free consultation time to define the project.  

If additional time is required to design or define the project, you may request to book a design consultation at the next available timeslot or you may elect to contract our design services on a fee-for-service basis.