Shipping and Receiving Information

Looking to order something for your project or your lab in the Mechanical Engineering Building? You can direct your package to MEC E 1-19.*
Please ensure that your package is ordered and addressed to:

University of Alberta, Central Receiving
116 St & 85th Avenue
Attn: Recipient/Academic group contact
1-19 Mechanical Engineering
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2R3


  1. First, your package will arrive at the University's Central Receiving

  2. Then it is delivered to MEC E 1-19 by Supply Management Services (SMS).

    Please note that the courier may say the package has been delivered when it gets to Central Receiving, but there may be a delay of 2-3 days before it is received by Engineering Technical Services.

  3. Once your package has arrived in MEC E 1-19, our staff will send a notification via email to let you know that the package is ready for you to pick it up and sign it out.

* Please note that Central Receiving is better equipped to handle large packages and packages that arrive outside of shop opening hours. Central Receiving should always be included in the address for incoming packages.




Have a lab in NINT and prefer that your packages be delivered there? Use this address, and be sure to include the recipient's name, email, and phone number:

National Research Council of Canada, Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC-NRC)
11421 Saskatchewan Drive
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2M9

Prefer that your packages be sent to ICE instead? Use the following address:

University of Alberta
116 St & 85 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta.
T6G 2G6
If you are looking to send a package elsewhere, we can have it shipped out of the shop.


  1. Complete the Outgoing Shipping Request Form

  2. Attach the form to your package, ensuring that it is visible.

  3. Drop the package off in MEC E 1-19. Then, our team will notify the Supply Management Services (SMS) team to have your package picked up.