Setting up a new lab?

Welcome to the University of Alberta!

At the university, we have a strong safety culture, and we thrive to hold our laboratories and research spaces to the highest safety standards. The Faculty of Engineering provides resources and support to all engineering spaces to achieve and comply with federal, provincial, and university policies.

This page will guide you through the safety aspect of setting up a new lab/research space and all the required steps that should be taken before starting any research activity.

Lets get started:

The following will help you find the requirements for your laboratory/research space. We highly recommend you to contact the Faculty Safety Advisor for an overview of the safety requirements and resources available to you.

  1. Primary Room Hazard Assessment

  2. Personal Protective Equipment Checklist

  3. Supervisory EHS Professional Development

  4. Laboratory Inspections

  5. Job/Equipment Hazard Assessment

  6. Safe Work Procedure

  7. Working Alone Plan

  8. Incident Reporting

Other things to consider

  1. Training Records

  2. Research Specific Requirements

New Principal Investigator/Supervisor?

At the University of Alberta, anyone directing the work of others is considered a supervisor. You may not be the principal investigator but may be designated to oversee the research/work being performed, and thus are a supervisor.

New Student?

This page will help you understand the University's Safety requirements for research spaces. If you are the designated safety coordinator for your lab, please also review the supervisory section of this website.