Faculty Safety Committee

The Faculty of Engineering takes the safety and well-being of students, staff, and faculty members seriously. Leading-edge teaching and research is conducted throughout the department with lots of hands-on work in shops and laboratories. We have a great safety culture with all levels of leadership involved in the safety committee.

2018-2019 Committee Members:


Gord Winkel Director ESRM and Committee Chair
Dr. Ray DeCorby Associate Chair, Research & Planning
Wendy Barton Manager, Instructional Support Services
Dr. Lisa White Professor
Keith Franklin Director, Facilities and Technology
Syed Biyabani Faculty Safety Advisor
Kevin Heidebrecht Facilities Coordinator
Dr. Selma E. Guigard Professor
Perry Fedun CEE Safety Officer
Kyle Schweiger Department Manager
Calynn Stumpf MECE Safety Committee Chair
Roger Marchand Technical Services Supervisor
Shaofeng Yang CME Safety Coordinator
Surjith Kumaran CME Research Associate
Raymond Matthias Strategic Advisor to Associate Dean, Outreach
Andrew Cooper Acting Director EHS
Wayne Phillips Student Safety Committee Chair
Vacant Position Graduate Student

President's Message