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Who We Are

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) is one of six operational units in Risk Management Services.

Our mandate is to promote health, safety, protection of the environment, and regulatory compliance. In support of this, we offer the following services to university staff and students:

  • Online and in-person training
  • Equipment and space inspection and certification 
  • Emergency preparedness training and support
  • Interpretation and application of regulations
  • Assistance in structuring and enabling safety committees 

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EHS News

Test of a new notification tool - August 30 2016

Got notified? There is no emergency. More details.

Where is the WHMIS training page??

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Updates to U of A Biosafety Guidelines

The institutional Biosafety Guidelines were updated in May, 2016. If you work with biological materials, refer to the revised guidelines to learn about recent changes to federal biosafety regulations and processes.

Hazard Management 101

Avoid calamity -- do a hazard assessment during the design phase.