Transferring from another post-secondary institution

Admission for students with previous post-secondary experience into the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta will depend on space availability within the faculty. Available seats will be offered on a competitive basis, considering the applicant's' most recent fall/winter GPA and the amount of transferable coursework that they have completed. As admission is competitive, the faculty cannot predict how many transfer students will be admitted on a yearly basis or what the cut-off GPA will be, however students must have at least a 3.0 GPA on 8 or more courses in their most recent fall/winter in order to be considered.

Students with previous post-secondary experience, regardless of whether it is several courses, a degree, or a diploma, will likely be assessed as transfer applicants. As part of the application, students will be asked to declare all previous post-secondary education and will be required to submit official transcripts from all institutions attended -- it is not possible to waive previous post-secondary credit.

Transfer applications will also be evaluated based on transferable post-secondary coursework. Unfortunately, the Faculty of Engineering is unable to conduct preliminary assessments of transfer credit; official transfer credit assessments can only be conducted after admission to a program.

All transfer students must also meet the math and science matriculation requirements for admission into the program, either through high school or equivalent post-secondary coursework.

Additional information is available on our Substitute Courses page under Student Services.