Transferring from another UAlberta Faculty

Students with previous UAlberta post-secondary experience, regardless of whether it is several courses, a degree, or a diploma, will be assessed as transfer applicants.

Admission for students with previous UAlberta post-secondary experience into the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta will depend on space availability within the faculty. Available seats will be offered on a competitive basis, considering the applicant's' most recent fall/winter GPA and the amount of transferable coursework that they have completed. Students need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 over fall and winter in a minimum of 8 courses to be considered, though the transfer GPA may be higher than that.

As part of the application, students will be asked to declare all previous post-secondary education and will be required to submit official transcripts. It is not possible to waive previous post-secondary credit.

Transfer applications will also be evaluated based on transferable post-secondary coursework. Unfortunately, the Faculty of Engineering is unable to conduct preliminary assessments of transfer credit; official transfer credit assessments can only be conducted after admission to a program.

The courses listed below are first year engineering courses and their equivalents currently being offered by other faculties at the University of Alberta; some courses require specific minimum grades to earn engineering credit. Completion of these courses does not guarantee admission into the program. Additional information is available on our Substitute Courses page under Student Services.

First Year Engineering Equivalents
First Year Engineering Course Engineering Unit Weight UAlberta Equivalent Minimum Grade Required for Transfer Credit
CHEM 103 4.3 CHEM 101 C-
CHEM 105 3.8 CHEM 102 C-
ENCMP 100 3.8 CMPUT 174 C-
ENGG 130 4.0 -- C-
MATH 100 3.5 MATH 114 or 144 B+
MATH 117 D
MATH 101 3.5 MATH 115 or 146 B+
MATH 118 D
MATH 102 3.5 MATH 125 B-
MATH 127 D

Other transferable courses from the University of Alberta include:

Other Engineering Transferable Courses
Higher Level Engineering Course Engineering Unit Weight UAlberta Science Equivalent Minimum Grade Required for Transfer Credit
MATH 209 3.5 MATH 214 + MATH 215 or 315 B+ in both
MATH 201 3.5 MATH 334 + MATH 337 B+ in both
STAT 235 3.8 STAT 151 + Stat 265 C- in both
Complementary Studies Elective 3.0 Complementary Studies Elective C-
ITS Elective 3.0 ITS Elective C-

Please note: students may be eligible for further transfer credit depending on their intended program and its elective/program requirements. This credit can only be assessed at the time of admission. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for a full list of our Complementary Studies (CSOP) electives, Impact of Technology on Society (ITS) electives, program requirements and course descriptions.