Transferring from an Engineering Technologist Program

Students who complete Engineering Technologist Diploma programs can be considered for admission to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta. As part of the application process, students will be asked to declare all previous post-secondary education and will be required to submit official transcripts from all institutions attended. It is not possible to 'give up' or waive previous post-secondary experience.

Students can be admitted directly to the related specialized engineering degree program. Direct admission is only to the traditional route and not to the co-op program. Please refer to the table below for the engineering diploma/discipline connections for Alberta institutions. Out-of-province institutions will be considered in a similar fashion.

Students seeking admission to a different Engineering discipline or to the Co-op program will be considered for admission to the qualifying year of Engineering where they will be expected to maintain a full course load. Upon the successful completion of the qualifying year, students will then be placed into an Engineering discipline on a competitive basis determined by their course load and GPA. Students should contact the Faculty directly ( upon submitting their application if they would like to be considered for a qualifying year, otherwise they will be considered for the traditional route relative to a previously completed diploma program.

All students admitted with an Engineering Technologist Diploma will still be required to complete all first-year coursework regardless of whether they are admitted to the qualifying year or directly into their discipline. 

Please Note: the Math content in Engineering Technologist courses generally does not meet the required Faculty of Engineering Math pre-requisite required for higher-level courses, as such Engineering Technology transfer students should not expect transfer credit for courses taken during their diploma.

The minimum cumulative or overall average from the Engineering Technologist diploma required for admission is at least a 3.5 on the 4.0 scale.

All transfer students must also meet the math/science matriculation requirements for admission into the program, either through high school or equivalent post-secondary coursework. Students meeting matriculation requirements through high school coursework do not need to present a competitive average in these subjects, they simply need to be completed with a passing grade.

Program Placement

You can view the recommended sequence of the required courses for your program in the University of Alberta Calendar or on a Program Planner

If you would like to Compete for a New Program Placement the first step is to make an appointment with an Engineering Advisor. This option is only available to current students attending and enrolled in classes.


For questions please contact Please ensure you include your student ID in your message.

NAIT Engineering Technology Diploma SAIT Engineering Technology Diploma Lethbridge College
Chemical Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
Chemical - Computer Process Control Instrumentation Engineering Instrumentation Engineering

Civil Engineering

Construction Engineering

Engineering Design & Drafting - Municipal

Geomatics Engineering

Groundwater Engineering (until 1999/2000)

Civil Engineering

Engineering Design & Drafting - Civil

Engineering Design & Drafting -Structural

Surveying & Mapping

Wood Engineering

Geomatics Engineering



Design & Drafting

Civil - Environmental Civil Engineering - Municipal

Computer Engineering

Network Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering - Avionics

Biomedical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Automated Systems Engineering


Materials Engineering

Plastics Engineering

Welding Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Air Conditioning Engineering

Engineering Design & Drafting - Machine

Engineering Design & Drafting - Process

Power Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Engineering Design & Drafting -Process Piping

Automated Systems Engineering -Technology

Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Industrial Engineering Technology

Operations Management

Power Engineering Technology

Building Mechanical Systems


Mineral Engineering (Until 1999/2000)

Geological Technology

Petroleum Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering