Transferring from an Engineering Transfer Program

In order to successfully transfer to the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta, students in Engineering Transfer Programs must meet the following requirements:

1. Attempt 30.0 engineering units of coursework in the Fall and Winter terms

Attempted courses include all courses that a student receives a final grade for at the end of the term. This includes grades of F, but does not include courses that have been withdrawn from (grades of W).

2. Complete 30.0 engineering units of transferable coursework in the Fall, Winter and Spring terms

In order for a course to be considered transferable, students must achieve a grade of at least C-. Grades of F, D and D+ are not transferable to the University of Alberta.

3. Present at least a 2.3 GPA across the Fall and Winter terms*

While admission to Engineering at Alberta is guaranteed if a student meets these requirements, admission into Engineering disciplines is competitive and determined by how well a student does in the Engineering transfer program.

Before transferring to the University of Alberta, students in the transfer programs must submit an application to the University of Alberta and follow all standard application procedures and deadlines. Applications must be submitted by March 1 for entry the following September. Official transcripts and other official documents as required are due by June 15.

* Some transfer agreements with British Columbia institutions may require a different GPA.The May 2020 Transfer Agreement between U of A and VIU indicates that a student must achieve a 2.5 or higher GPA on the transferable Fall/Winter coursework. This standard will be reviewed on a yearly basis and set collaboratively between the institutions.

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