Engineering Student Success Centre

As a first-year engineering student, you have access to free group and one-on-one tutoring to help develop your academic skills and ensure your success. We also provide support for engineering students in some out-of-faculty, second-year courses.

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Teaching assistants are available daily to help you with questions in MATH 100, 101,102, ENGG 130, PHYS 130, and CHEM 103, 105.

Before mid-term and final exams, you can join review sessions as well as mock exams that allow you to write a practice test, to help prepare you to head in to your exams with confidence.

Teaching Positions

If you are a graduate student seeking a teaching assistant position in the ESSC for Winter 2022, please apply through this form. You must be a registered graduate student in the Fall term to be eligible. You may not take both a position in the ESSC and one in your department.


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