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Announcements - updated August 2

Registration for Second Year Students is now open

Visit Second Year Registration for more information.

Supplementary Bursary Program - Applications Now Open

The Supplementary Bursary program provides funds for students who demonstrate a financial shortfall for the current school year's academic and basic living costs. The Supplementary Bursary Application Guide has information about applying for the bursary that includes how to successfully apply the first time. Learn more and apply on the Registrar's Office website.

Orientation for New Engineering Students - Monday, August 29, 2022

The Faculty of Engineering looks forward to welcoming our new students on Monday, August 29, 2022. Stay tuned for more details!

Common Questions - Updated March 1

Our team has compiled the following list of common questions and concerns based on recent communications with engineering students. Please review the following questions before contacting our office for assistance.

I am trying to register in classes but one or more are full. What do I do?

As classes may fill up quickly, we strongly recommend that students register in classes as soon as their enrollment date is open for the term.

In the event that a class you wish to enrol in is full, be sure to put the class on your Watch List in Bear Tracks. Seat availability in classes will change over the months leading up to classes starting: teaching departments may open additional seats or sections to meet demand and they normally use the Watch List to monitor student demand.

Students who have added classes to their Watch List will be notified when seat(s) become available. For information on how to set up Watch List Notification Preferences and how to enroll when a spot becomes available, visit the Registrar's Office Bear Tracks Help page.

IMPORTANT: If the class you are trying to register in is a core class for your program and you are registering in the correct term according to your program planner, please email enggadvising@ualberta.ca for assistance.

When I try to register in my courses, Bear Tracks displays an error that reads "Restrictions not met". What does that mean?

Registration restrictions are in place to ensure:

  1. priority registration for specific groups of students; and/or
  2. that course prerequisites or corequisites have been met.

Please consult the class notes in Bear Tracks for information on registration specific to your classes.

What are class notes? How do I view class notes in Bear Tracks?

Class notes contain important information about the class as well as restrictions such as prerequisite/corequisite courses and registration dates for different student groups. 

To view the class notes for a course, click on the green clipboard icon beside the class section. Note: not all class sections will have course notes. 

Screenshot showing the location of the clipboard icon in Bear Tracks

Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, desktop view.


Mobile screenshot showing location of class notes icon in Bear Tracks.

Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, mobile view.

I have questions about my tuition and fees. Who do I contact?
For information about tuition and fees, please visit Office of the Registrar - Costs, Tuition, and Fees or contact the Student Service Centre.
How do I decide what discipline to pick?

The Faculty of Engineering has compiled useful information and resources to help you make an informed decision about which program to choose.

Please visit the updated Qualifying Year Students section of our website to learn more.

I need a sticker for my calculator. Where do I go to get one?

The Student Services Office Front Desk at 2-300 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering will distribute calculator stickers once the office reopens and students are back on campus for in person classes.

For information about approved calculator specifications for engineering, please visit Calculator Use & Specifications

Drop-in Academic Advising

To meet the needs of Faculty of Engineering students, the Student Services team is pleased to offer in-person and virtual drop-in academic advising sessions. Click the blue button below to join the drop-in queue.

IMPORTANT: Content on our website is regularly updated. We strongly encourage students to review the information currently available on the Academic Advising website before attending a drop-in session.

The drop-in advising schedule will vary to accommodate peak advising periods: please see below for the current advising schedule.

Click here to join the drop-in queue

IMPORTANT: You must use your ualberta.ca email address when you sign up for drop-in advising. 

To access the Engineering Student Services menu, select "Engineering Student Services" from the Current Undergraduate Student Menu. You may need to scroll down on your device to find this menu option on the list. 

Note: Demand for drop-in advising may exceed available slots during peak advising periods. If you are attempting to join the queue during posted drop-in advising hours and the system indicates that the location is closed, this means that all available slots for the current period (morning or afternoon) are full. Please return to the system during the next drop-in period to join the queue. 

Current Drop-in Advising Schedule

Engineering Student Services Drop-in Advising Hours

Day of the Week Drop-in Period
9:00 to 11:00 AM MT
1:00 to 3:00 PM MT


Screenshot of the virtual queuing menu illustrating location of the Engineering Student Services option

Last Update: July 25, 2022