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Fall 2021 & Winter 2022 Registration

To help students make informed decisions about course registration for the 2021/2022 academic year, the University of Alberta has taken the exceptional step of delaying the registration start date to mid-May.

To determine which courses you should register in, follow the program plan in the University of Alberta Calendar for the year you entered your discipline. Please consult your Program Planner for more information.

NOTE: Students must be logged in to their UAlberta email address as the default email account in order to access the Program Planners Google Drive.

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Course Delivery Formats and Locations

Students unable to attend in-person classes must ensure that they are registering in ALL classes remotely and not a mix of remote and in-person.

All Engineering core classes will be available remotely for students who are unable to attend classes in-person. Classes will show in a few different ways in Bear Tracks:

  1. Courses with more than one scheduled lecture section will likely have at least one exclusively online lecture and at least one exclusively in-person lecture.
  2. Courses with only one scheduled lecture section that are listed on the hybrid classes list below will show up in Bear Tracks as being offered on MAIN campus but will be offered both in-person and online.
  3. Courses with only one scheduled lecture section that are not listed on the hybrid classes list will be offered exclusively in-person. This will include some elective courses.

Click the button below for the current list of Fall 2021 hybrid classes. Hybrid classes will show up as MAIN campus in Bear Tracks but will be offered for both in-person and remote students. If the hybrid course has a Lab or Sem component, students attending remotely must register in the REMOTE Lab or Sem section. NOTE: These sections may not currently be available but the REMOTE sections will be available in time for registration to begin.

Information about Winter 2022 classes will be published once it is available.

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IMPORTANT: MAT E 202 class information will be visible in Bear Tracks as soon as possible. Class details are still being finalized.

For more information about course delivery for the Fall 2021 semester, visit the Registrar's Office website.

Building Your Schedule

Use the Shopping Cart (formerly Schedule Builder) in Bear Tracks to create timetables for both Fall and Winter terms. This will make it easier for you to build a schedule without timetable conflicts, and will be faster when you register in courses on your enrollment date. The Registrar's Office offers several short guides and videos to help you navigate schedule construction.

Program Planners in pdf format are available in this Google Drive for your reference.

Find Program Planners

When adding courses to your timetable, read the notes in Bear Tracks for enrollment or class restrictions that might affect you (Class Notes, Subject Notes, etc). For example, Math 201 in Fall 2021 is restricted to certain programs and plans until August 26. If you are not in one of the programs or plans listed, you will not be able to register in this course until August 27.

Validate Your Courses

Use the Validation tool in Bear Tracks to make sure your registration will go smoothly. If you encounter errors, check that you meet all course prerequisites and/or corequisites. Note: If courses are in your Shopping Cart, but you have not enrolled in them, they will not be recognized as prerequisites and/or corequisites.

Pay All Fines

All financial holds must be cleared before you will be able to register in classes. If you have questions or need assistance with clearing your hold, please contact Student Connect. It can take 3-5 days for your hold to clear in Bear Tracks. Engineering Student Services cannot override your hold to enroll you in classes.

Registration Troubleshooting

I'm missing a 100-level engineering requirement, but I can't register for the course in Bear Tracks. How do I register in this course?

If you tried to enroll in a first year Engineering course and received an error message that the course is closed to web registration, please complete this form to request registration.

I am trying to register in classes but one or more are full. What do I do?

As classes may fill up quickly, we strongly recommend that students register in classes as soon as their enrollment date is open for the term.

In the event that a class you wish to enrol in is full, be sure to put the class on your Watch List in Bear Tracks. Seat availability in classes will change over the months leading up to classes starting: teaching departments may open additional seats or sections to meet demand and they normally use the Watch List to monitor student demand.

Students who have added classes to their Watch List will be notified when seat(s) become available. For information on how to set up Watch List Notification Preferences and how to enroll when a spot becomes available, visit the Registrar's Office Bear Tracks Help page.

IMPORTANT: If the class you are trying to register in is a core class for your program and you are registering in the correct term according to your program planner, please email for assistance.

I'm registering in classes for the Spring and Summer terms. Why am I getting dropped from my classes?

Engineering 13-week courses for Spring and Summer terms are split into an A portion in Spring and a B portion in Summer to fit into the University of Alberta scheduling structure. Students taking courses in the Spring/Summer terms must enrol in both the A portion in Spring and a B portion in Summer of the course to successfully complete their registration. 

If you enroll in only one of the sections, either A or B, Bear Tracks will cancel your registration overnight because your enrollment is incomplete. You must enroll in both the A and B sections of the class on the same day to avoid getting dropped from the class overnight.

Example: A student wishes to take MEC E 250 in the Spring/Summer Terms. To successfully register in this course, they must enroll in both MEC E 250A in the Spring term and MEC E 250B in the Summer term. 

I'm trying to register for a course that requires students be in a specific year of their program. I am in the correct year, but cannot register for the course. What do I do?
This depends if there are program restrictions, if there are no restrictions and you meet any required pre-reqs you should be able to register in the course.
I am getting error about not meeting restrictions when I try to register in my non-Engineering elective. What do I do?
For assistance registering in a non-Engineering class, please contact the teaching department for the course. Contact information can be found on the website for each department.
When I try to register in my courses, Bear Tracks displays an error that reads "Restrictions not met". What does that mean?
Registration restrictions are in place to ensure:

  1. priority registration for specific groups of students; and/or
  2. that course prerequisites or corequisites have been met.
Please consult the class notes in Bear Tracks for information on registration specific to your classes.
What are class notes? How do I view class notes in Bear Tracks?

Class notes contain important information about the class as well as restrictions such as prerequisite/corequisite courses and registration dates for different student groups. 

To view the class notes for a course, click on the green clipboard icon beside the class section. Note: not all class sections will have course notes. 

Screenshot showing clipboard icon in Bear Tracks. Desktop view

Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, desktop view.


Screenshot showing clipboard icon in Bear Tracks when using the site on a mobile device.

Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, mobile view.