Not all electives are offered every year, and seats for some electives that are offered are in high demand. Be prepared to consider other courses from your elective list, and remember to enroll where space is available.

Trying to enroll in an elective and receiving an error message? This might happen because you are missing pre and/or corequisites for the elective, or the elective might be restricted to certain programs and plans. Read the Class Remarks in My Schedule Builder to find out what program restrictions are in place for a course and if the restrictions will open up on a specific date for your program. For example, Materials Engineering students that have Mechanical Engineering course, MEC E 380, on their elective lists may not be able to register themselves in the course due to restrictions and requisites.


If you are having difficulty registering in a non-Engineering elective course, you must contact the department that offers the course for assistance. To request enrolment in an Engineering elective course that does not have priority restrictions in place and will not open to your program for registration, please email enggadvising@ualberta.ca for assistance.

Electives for Chemical and Materials Students

Electives for Chemical and Materials programs that are offered by the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department will be scheduled in Summer (these course codes begin with CH E, CME, or MAT E). A complete list of course offerings will be emailed to students by the department in the summer once the list has been finalized.

Last Updated: March 15, 2024