The marketing team delivers brand stewardship and marketing activities to strengthen the university brand by heightening awareness and visibility of the university and its story in local, national and international markets and building a comprehensive university reputation upon which recruitment, fundraising and partnerships, among other university objectives, can grow.

Comprised of marketing, brand and design professionals, the unit:

  • develops a comprehensive university-wide branding and marketing strategy that supports the strategic goals, plans and aspirations of the university
  • provides strategic brand and marketing advice to senior leadership
  • develops and maintains visual identity standards, brand and digital guidelines, licensing and trademarks
  • supports the university with marketing, promotions, web, design and photography
  • provides design support services to the campus community
  • establishes usability and design standards and helps measure the performance of strategic initiatives and projects.

Marketing Strategic Plan

We work to develop and steward the overarching university marketing strategic plan by:

  • partnering with the campus community to set a foundation, evaluate and effectively employ appropriate marketing channels to achieve the university's brand objectives and strategic goals
  • articulating the value proposition of the university
  • effectively marketing the U of A's advantages to its internal and external audiences

Our services and work cover a full spectrum of institutional marketing, promotions, merchandise and creative and graphic design for university-wide initiatives.

Brand Management

We develop strong internal partnerships and lead a collaborative, university-wide, integrated and proactive marketing strategy and plan that enhances the brand, enrolment and reputation of the university. Our work includes:

  • Appropriate and timely market research and brand audits
  • Collaborative brand strategy development
  • Brand strategy execution and implementation
  • Plan sustainability

The University Brand & Marketing team helps to ensure the University of Alberta maintains a clearly defined and distinctive brand by developing and managing visual identity standards that reflect and strengthen the U of A brand for a variety of audiences.

Marketing & Communications Toolkit

The Marketing & Communications Toolkit is designed to support the university community and includes the standards, templates, logos and trademarks information needed to accurately represent the university. Our team is responsible for maintaining the following parts of the toolkit and providing services for:

  • Visual Identity - the visual identity system for the university, including official logos, colours, typography, stationery, photography, promotional material and merchandise
  • Social media avatars
  • Downloadable files such as desktop wallpapers, logos, multimedia resources, photography and templates for ads, brochures, electronic stationery, posters and presentations
  • Trademarks and licensing - protecting the use of the registered trademarks and logo, licensed vendors, non-commercial use, commercial use and sponsorship tools

Filming on campus

The University of Alberta campus is often a picturesque background for filming and photography on campus. All requests for third party filming or photography must go through the Marketing office for approval.

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We're here to help you with any request or support you need for your site hosted on our institutional CMS, Cascade. Requests for other website support, like support requests for google site, eClass, etc. should be directed to Information Services & Technology (IST).

Whether you are looking to learn more about how well your site meets your users' needs, or you just need some help fixing something in Cascade, this is your one-stop-shop. 

We offer support and consultation for the following:

  • Cascade CMS resources and support
  • Creation of a new website in Cascade
  • Updating your website
  • Digital marketing
  • Web and content strategy
  • Web analytics
  • Adding new users to Cascade
  • Vanity URLs
  • Web design and user experience design
  • Search engine optimization

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