Academic Integrity and Ethics Requirement Resources

Students who began their programs prior to Fall 2022 will want to refer to the document “What are my options for completing the ethics requirement?” as there are several modes to completion.

Current students who have not yet begun to complete their Academic Integrity and Ethics Training Requirement will need to complete INT D 710: Ethics and Academic Citizenship and doctoral students will also need to complete INT D 720: Advanced Ethics and Academic Citizenship. Students who completed the GET course (5 hours credit) but have not completed their additional three hours can select from resources available below.

Students who began their academic program prior to Fall 2022 can meet their Academic Integrity and Ethics training by completing one of the following options

  • INTD710 all students and INTD 720 for PhD students, or
  • GET Course + 3 Additional hours, or
  • Departmental/Faculty offering (eg. ENGG 600)

These resources will remain available to students who completed the GET course and who need their additional three hours.

B. Ethics Training Online Suite
  • Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism (Ethics Credit: 2 hours)
  • Academic and Research Integrity (Ethics Credit: 1 hour)
  • Intellectual Property: An Entrepreneur's Guide (Ethics Credit: 1 hour)
C. Graduate Teaching and Learning Program: Level 1--Foundations Workshops
  • Ethical Principles in University Teaching (Ethics Credit: 1.75 hours)
  • Applying the Code of Student Behaviour in the Classroom (Ethics Credit: 2 hour)
  • Copyright in the Classroom (Ethics Credit: 1 hour)

D. TCPS 2 Tutorial Course on Research Ethics (CORE) [Human Research Ethics] (Ethics Credit: 3 hours)

E. Part 1: Ethics of Animal Use (Ethics Credit: 3 hours)

G. Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) CITI Program Contact:





 What are my options for completing the ethics requirement?