Ethics and Academic Citizenship Requirement

As members of the University of Alberta community, graduate students are expected to uphold the highest degree of ethical practice in the conduct of their education, research, workplace behaviour, and professional activities. To ensure that you understand your rights, responsibilities, and obligations, all graduate students complete an ethics requirement.

Beginning in Fall 2022, the Ethics and Academic Citizenship Requirement will replace the former Academic Integrity and Ethics Training Requirement. The new Ethics and Academic Citizenship Requirement will consist of two zero-credit, self-paced online courses: INT D 710: Ethics and Academic Citizenship (for both master’s and doctoral students) and INT D 720: Advanced Ethics and Academic Citizenship (for doctoral students). There are no instructional fees associated with these courses.

The courses cover principles in Academic Citizenship, including topics such as academic integrity, research and workplace ethics, Indigenizing and decolonizing the academy, equity, diversity, and inclusivity, health and academic productivity, and ethical principles in university teaching.

Watch: New Ethics Requirement Orientation Video

How do students register for the courses?

Each year, INT D 710  and INT D 720 will be available on August 1 for current and incoming students who wish to complete their ethics requirement with the new online courses. The courses will be offered each term to align with new term admissions.

New students will automatically be registered in their respective courses at the start of each term.  Students starting in Fall who wish to begin the courses early (August) will need to self register in Bear Tracks.  Students who began their graduate programs prior to Fall 2022 also will need to self register for the relevant courses if they have not yet met their ethics requirement.

Current students who finished the  Graduate Ethics Training (GET) Online Course (five hours ethics credit) can complete the remaining three hours of the eight hour requirement through a combination of the workshops and online courses noted on the Academic Integrity and Ethics Requirement website.

To review your options for completion of your ethics requirement, visit: What are my options for completing the ethics requirement? 


Important note: The Ethics and Academic Citizenship Requirement provides foundational ethics education. Depending on your program of study, these foundational courses may need to be supplemented by other specialized training, such as animal user training, safety courses related to field research, or professional ethics training. For more information, please visit the Research Ethics Office for more information and consult with your department. 

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