High School Group

The University of Alberta-Soccer Centre of Excellence confirms its commitment to the continued growth and further development of the Green and Gold Soccer Academy at Vimy Ridge Academy for youth players. In this regard, we are pleased to announce that for our Senior groups or for those players in grades 10, 11 or 12 we will continue to provide a 10 month or full year program for a fee of $2,250.

The fees collected are used principally to cover coaching, equipment, facility rental and transportation to the training facilities from the school.

The Green and Gold Soccer Academy is a product of the Edmonton Public School's commitment toward providing programs of choice that allow students to pursue their passion for sports, music, dance (home to the Alberta School of Ballet) and cadets whilst realizing their academic potential. The school offers a variety of sports programming, including the Hockey Program, the Green and Gold Soccer Academy as well as flexible programming for students with an interest in tennis, diving, gymnastics, figure skating, golf, lacrosse, and swimming.

The academy provides youth soccer players a solid enhancement program that is sports science-driven and supported by the University of Alberta. Players are placed in a challenging and enriching soccer training environment, under the guidance of professional, experienced coaches, utilizing the best outdoor and indoor soccer facilities in the City of Edmonton.

Our aim is to develop a player's outstanding soccer potential by focusing on the technical, tactical and physical aspects relevant to the sport as well as an education in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and the psychological aspects that accompany athletic performance.