Vimy Ridge Academy Program

The University of Alberta - Soccer Centre of Excellence confirms its commitment to the continued growth and further development of the Green & Gold Soccer Academy at Vimy Ridge Academy School for youth players. Our philosophy is quite simply to build on the powerful legacy of the university's championship teams, the Golden Bears and Pandas, by bringing the outstanding skills of our coaches to our communities and school programs, to enhance the skill set of enthusiastic and talented young soccer players in the 9-18 age groups. We strive to develop young athletes to their full soccer potential by providing an enriching training program and coaching sessions that are conducted in a challenging and dynamic training environment that is both structured and age appropriate.

We believe strongly in giving back to our community and that's manifested in our unique partnership with Vimy Ridge Academy where a year-round, academic and soccer program has been developed to help young student athletes focus on both developing their soccer skills and on scholastic achievement. The Green & Gold Soccer Academy at Vimy Ridge Academy offers an ideal educational environment for students in grades 7 through 12 looking to balance the demands of an academic program with a passion for soccer.

Vimy Ridge Academy Sports Alternative Programs provide a supportive learning environment and flexible timetabling so that students who enrol in the program are able to focus on both academics and athletics. Students attend core classes in the mornings and train at their soccer development a minimum of three (3) training sessions per week.

The Green & Gold Soccer Academy at Vimy Ridge Academy will serve to provide:

* A first class soccer development program intended for highly motivated players in grades 7-12 who wish to significantly advance their soccer skills and knowledge of the game while achieving a high level of academic success.
* A systematic and structured youth development program designed to prepare players for the demands of higher-level competition. The Academy will provide a 10-month outdoor/indoor training program running the full school year. Academy members will be involved in 3 practice sessions per week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
* A coaching process based on a challenging and dynamic game situation-training environment delivered by professional and experienced coaches utilizing superior soccer facilities. Further, Adidas and Eurosport are proud sponsors of the Green & Gold Soccer Academy. All participants will receive a full Adidas training kit which includes bag, tracksuit, t-shirt, jersey, training shorts and socks.
* Training sessions that will take place at the Campus Saint Jean fields in the fall and spring, and moving indoors to the Foote Field dome for the winter months.
* The cost of the academy program is $2,250 per student for the 10-month school year. Fees collected are used principally to cover coaching, equipment, facility rental and transportation to the training facilities from the school. A non-refundable deposit of $750 must accompany each application and will be placed towards the Academy fees.

Academy Philosophy

The academy aims to develop a player's outstanding soccer potential through:

* Development of technical, tactical and physical aspects as well as mental skills training.
* Education in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and good practice habits.
* Our coaching process is based on age appropriate training in a challenging and dynamic environment, delivered by professional and experienced coaches utilizing superior soccer facilities.

Coaching Staff aims to:

* Prepare stimulating, developmentally appropriate training sessions that are well organized, planned and presented with enthusiasm.
* Ensure safety and well being of all players when training.
* Maintain high standards of behaviour and appearance and instil this in the players.
* Encourage development in player's motivation, self-confidence and self-reliance.
* Complete player assessments.
* Give feedback to players on a regular basis.
* Promote positive aspects of sport such as fair play.
*Make the learning and development of players enjoyable and challenging.